Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sister's Sister: Spring in the Middle of October

B's wearing: Mom's old coat // Stepmom's old shirt // Celine purse // ... pants + Cotton On boots (Sis's) // C&A hat

There is a beautiful tree of white flowers growing just outside my yard. My stepmom pointed it out to me the other day and suggested that I take pictures there. Well, don't mind if I do! It is absolutely gorgeous and reminds me a whole lot of cherry blossoms in the spring. This kind of trees are spread all over my neighbourhood - though varies in colour - but one tree blossoms quicker than the next and it's funny how one is almost fully adorned by leaves while the other still basks in its wondrous floral beauty. I'm not quite sure what these flowers are called but I do love them! That's just it about the tropics: you get the view of spring in the midst of summer temperature in the middle of what should be fall in the northern hemisphere. But never winter. It's never winter around this part of the world. And, if you live elsewhere, you might think, "Why would you tropical inlanders ever wear long sleeves or layers or outerwear?" But, hey, we wear what we wear when we want to.

Q's wearing: Cotton On top // Zara Mary-Janes // Anna Sui purse // Kmart necklace

With all the autumnal commotion, I was super jealous and wanted to join in all the fun. There's no reason I can't anyway. So it's ten degrees hotter out here but that doesn't mean I can't dress up like fall. I'm sure I looked quite out of place in this hot and humid weather. Not to mention, this ensemble successfully drenched me in sweat. But if I were a student in the fall/winter semester somewhere in the northern hemisphere, I'd fit right in. This makes me miss college a little bit. The hat was probably the most reasonable wear in this whole outfit. It protected my head from the fierce sun. I love that the tropical wind blew gently, enough to make a breezy effect but not enough to blow away my hat. Thank you, wind! My sister, on the other hand, went for the more rational look in this tropical heat. She did put on a blazer later on, though, since we went skating in the afternoon. Uh huh, that was quite an experience.

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