Thursday, 2 October 2014

One Day We'll Know What It Means

Happy October, everybody! Can't believe it's October already. This year seems to shoot right through. I swear it was only yesterday Firu came by and we had a little get together with everyone, eating nasi kuning. Suddenly it was my favourite month of the year again already. Except this time it probably won't be my favourite. Firu went back to Germany just yesterday and I'm left counting the days until we get to see each other in the flesh again. I'd like to say there are tons of new exciting things that I'm looking forward to but, so far, I see none. But, at least for today, I'm so glad to be going to the a library in town with my best friends. This might just be the distraction that I need. Also, I've only been to a library once in town - which wasn't very good anyway - so this was rather exciting. On another note, today happens to be National Batik Day. Sorry I'm not posting a Batik outfit here today but keep an eye out on my instagram. Are you wearing Batik today?

Hand-me-down varsity jacket // Fall Out Boy Save Rock and Roll Tour tee (Bro's) // Motel Rocks pants // Koola Stuffa tote bag // Studio Nine loafers // photos taken by Akita

This was the outfit I wore the last weekend Firu and I had together. We went out to eat with his high school teacher who happens to be quite close to his family. Remember the acquaintance in this story? She's her daughter. Anyway, I actually rode the public transport in this outfit! Jakartans reading this might think I'm lame but I'm a little proud of myself. When my sister and I did a little closet detox a while back, she tossed this jacket out and we found this shirt. The shirt apparently belongs to our brother and I got to keep the jacket. This one actually fits better than the one I already own. The sleeves are leather, which is a little different from mine. Also...mine's pretty dirty already. The shirt, on the other hand, is way too big for me - when did my brother get to be so big? - but I can't deny that I'm in complete awe of the design. And, yep! You guessed it, we as siblings all like Fall Out Boy...and My Chemical Romance.

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