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21 Before 22 List - RECAP

Seems a year has passed. I swear, it was only yesterday that I celebrated my 21st birthday. Suddenly, 22 is looking me right in the eye. What the hell?! Compared to the years before, I'm not too excited about being twenty-two or about the next 365 days. I'm so scared because I've only tackled very little on my list than the years before. Granted, there are some really tricky items on my list this time. Still, I feel like I should have done better. Hey, a girl can dream, right? To be honest, when I made this list, I never imagined I'd be where I am now so it was a little heartbreaking to see this list again. Be that as it may, here's my recap of the 21 Before 22 List I made last year.

1. Be more active on deviantART again

Uhh...yeah, the first and already I'm going for the ambiguous. First off, I did upload, like, three more works on there after my birthday last year. So that's more active, right? Afterwards, it kind of went down the drain. But, as you'd find on the journal, I'm uploading stuff on deviantART though not the usual gallery. You can check them out here. But that's about it, haven't been updated on people's uploads, ongoing contests, etc. Then again, most people I know from there have bailed. This breaks my heart.

2. Swim in the summer

Bet you were waiting for the photo to this one. Well, tough luck, I didn't take any. My sister and I went swimming some time ago and it was early in the morning plus the pool wasn't the cleanest - it's a community pool so it's out of our hands. It was kind of fresh and wasn't what I had in mind. But I did it.

3. Go skating (at least once)

When I wrote this, I don't have any prior experience in skating. I was excited to try it and see if I could do it. Fear washed over me as I slowly entered the ice. Also, I went with my sister who was as inexperienced as I was. We were both happy just holding on to the non-existent railings around the circumference of the ice. Hey, at least I tried and it was fun, despite the falling over a number of times.

4. Draw a one-shot comic (and post it on Smackjeeves)

Okay, so the Smackjeeves part is not in brackets. But, as part of my portfolio, I did make a one shot comic. It only consists of these two pages and the story is way too short, I know. It probably barely qualifies as one-shot but it's as close as I got. Needless to say, I didn't post it on Smackjeeves. When I was cleaning my room the other day, I did find an actual unfinished one-shot I drew before leaving for Germany though. I really love the concept, story and storytelling method so I think I'm going to continue as well as fix the mistakes and post that instead. But I hope you like this one too. Please tell me what you think of it in the comment below.

5. Finish at least one book a month

This is the one goal I followed through with. If you don't believe me, you can check part I and part II of the review of all the books I've read this past year. Reading has always been my favourite hobby and past times. So I was more than thrilled to find so many gems in the local public library back in Kassel as well as the lovely friends who would gift/let me lend their books. Honestly, what better friends could you ask for? I'm also really glad to branch out on the genre of books that I read. Really shows that I've grown up.

7. Watch all Ghibli movies

As soon as I made this goal, I quickly got cracking. I've been a lifelong Studio Ghibli fan - well, lifelong since Spirited Away was released anyway. Hey, I'm still young, so sue me! So I've watched plenty of their creations. Now I'm proud to say I've watched at least 80% of their productions, including The Wind Rises. Some people would probably prefer something much, much more mystical and mysterious but my favourite would have to be Whisper of the Heart ♥ It has everything that I could ever ask for! The film is simply lined with subtly romantic gestures and notions. The story is simple - not too much conflicts or drama - but still very entertaining. It's super sweet in a way that doesn't make you want to gag.

8. Visit Schwarzwald

Yes! I finally did this! But, yeah, I'm guilty of cheating. For one thing, I did not hike up to the forest. We - Iva, Jasmine and I from this post - took the Bergbahn to the Black Forest. And, yes, it was my idea. For another, we didn't hike further up or stay there for too long. Again, my idea. Uh huh, I'm definitely guilty of not being a wimp. Later on, after being diagnosed, I found out that my wimpyness as well as weakness stem from my disease. Huh, that makes me feel better. Maybe next time we will really hike up there.

9. Write a story

Okay, I didn't write a story but I ended up continuing an old, ongoing one. That's gotta be something, right?

10. Go on a double date

In the past year, we have gone to places with couples just the four of us. For reasons that I do not comprehend nor ignite, we never took photos. The other couple also usually disappears somewhere and they're never couple we feel to comfortable going on double dates with. I was actually looking forward to going on a double date with Gina or my sister Akita but, again, for reasons beyond my control, that never happened. Uhh...so you tell me if I really have gone to double dates or not. Maybe just really bad ones. That happens.

11. Go to a Japanese convention

Despite there being plenty of Japanese conventions when Firu was still in Jakarta, we didn't go to any. But we did go to Japantag again even for only half a day. You can read about how we visited a symbolic Japanese temple here. Also, being able to shoot couply yukata photos makes me way ecstatic. Check more of them out here.

12. Learn something new

Oh yes! My favourite past times. I do enjoy learning new things. I guess, it's because I have an apt for it. This time, I learnt how to make a doll. I even made a DIY tutorial about it here. It was such a milestone for me because I love dolls! I stopped playing with them way later than I should have - yep, I just shamelessly admitted that on the internet. Here's to never stop learning!

14. Discover "new" musicians

This past year I've been widening my musical horizon. I realise that I tend to listen to the same stuff over and over again. But there are bound to be tons of amazingly talented musicians out there that I have yet to find. It's been really refreshing to listen to some new sounds and voices. And, apparently now I'm more into indie alternative musicians than any other genre in the world. Here are a number of musicians that I've been discovering and loving the past year: nano.RIPE, Hello Sleepwalkers, Air Traffic Controller, Wolf Larsen, Spitz, José Gonzalez, Suga Shikao and Magic Man. Aside from that, I am completely in love with a cover artist group on YouTube called Goosehouse. They're all simply incredible!

16. Be less neurotic about clothes

To be honest, I'm still not sure if this is done yet. But I think I take a more easy-going approach toward the whole dressing up process now than before. I guess, it's because now I feel like whatever I wear, I'm still me and having a blog shouldn't force me to dress up when I don't feel like it. It definitely eases Firu's headaches.

18. Be less dependent on Firu

Also something I cannot tell the completion of. I really hope I have become less dependent on him and more confident in my own strength and abilities. It would really be helpful if this point is indeed something I have accomplished. Since the distance between us has stretched beyond anything we were used to, it would help Firu a lot if I stop being dependent on him - although five-hour difference does suck.

21. Get together with old friends

This is practically the first thing I did as soon as I landed in Indonesia. Not only did I get together with my old friends, Firu get to finally hang out with my best friends - sans a few who couldn't make it. For some reason, every time we got together, no picture was ever taken. You better believe I kick myself on the head every time I realise this. This photo was finally taken when my good friend Maya came back from Japan! It was all good fun.

Huh, it feels like I suck more and more each year. How come I only manage to accomplish this much anyway? And I didn't even set very difficult goals this year. But, I guess, my life took an expected turn months after this list was made. To be honest, I was surprised to have accomplished this much. I really thought it would only be one or two. Learning from this experience, I feel like I should really be visionary in what I should put on my list. If you guys have any ideas on what should be added into the 22 Before 23 List, please let me know. It would be fun to see what you guys could come up with.

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