Sunday, 27 January 2013

They Search for the Colours But Can Never Quite See

I have absolutely no idea why people prefer wearing dark colours in winter. Winter is dark enough, people! What with the seldom availability of the sun, whether or not it's still supposed to be daylight. It helps that the snow covers the land, though, giving the world less of a gloomy feel. But that makes winter only consist of black-and-white. Which, I believe, is the perfect chance to dress up in bold colours. You'll definitely stand out plus it might actually cheer you up. Winter has a static feel to it, in contrary to summer which just seems ultra-dynamic. Neglecting that entirely, I danced in the snow until my fingers and toes went numb. A couple actually stared at me all strange - while pushing their baby on a stroller - until I threw them an awkward smile. Hey, just because it's winter and gloomy, doesn't mean I'm not allowed to be colourful and happy, am I right?

Taman Safari tee // Only skirt // C&A scarf // 1982 kids varsity jacket // H&M gloves + tights + socks // Deichmann Chelsea boots

Despite the fact that the cold's gotten to me, I still enjoy the snow from time to time. It's about time too I take snowy outfit pictures in the wild...well, sorta. Lately, life has seemed even less eventful than before. I haven't gotten my winter wish yet: have a snowball fight with Firu. And seeing how we won't see each other until April, it seems that this dream has to die yet again. I can't wait for summer to come and have been making a wish to-do list to be done in the upcoming season. Now these must be done, no matter what. Enjoy the Sunday while you still have it. Cheerio!

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