Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Yaay! My good friend, Sakurako, went home to Japan during the holidays. It was good news for her and for me. She knows I'm a total Japan-freak so she was kind enough to grant one of my wishes, which is to bring me back the kimono fashion magazine that she kept telling me about, KIMONO姫! She just came back last week and asked to meet with me the other day to give me this. I didn't know how psyched I would be upon seeing this magazine. And it's mine now! Oh, how I miss Japanese books and magazines. Despite the fact that I can't read most of their kanjis, flipping through the beautiful layouts and enjoying the highly aesthetic photographs and letters are enough for me.

On the content: Firstly, there is a number of fashionable photographs of various kinds of kimonos in various kinds of settings. In this issue, it was simple but just as attractive. Later on, all these kimonos will be piled into the same page along with their data - price, store, location, etc. Then there was an article about how kimono dates back to the ancient times. There were also several stores being featured online - even Yahoo! where you can, apparently, bid for a kimono or two - and offline (with the address) along with their selections of seasonal kimonos - can't you see I'm drooling? Don't forget the accessories, such as the sandals (geta, zori, etc.) and the pouch. Last but not least, there were also some illustrations about how to sew your own kimono plus how to wear them. It was all very insightful and killed the thirst of my soul. I'm going to enjoy this baby for now. You guys go and have an aesthetic Tuesday! Cheerio!


  1. The kimonos in the book are absolutely gorgeous! I love how Japan gives so much importance to intricacy and detail. :) Thanks for sharing these!


    1. Yes, I love them too! It bewilders me how many ways you can design a kimono and the numerous patterns that go together. My life-long dream is to own one.


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