Friday, 11 January 2013

There's No Place Like Home

Have you ever gone back to a place that you once called home and found that it no longer belonged to you? A place that you think of in the wee hours when everyone's gone home and you can't fall asleep. For the better part of my life, this place was Durlach, a small part of Karlsruhe - the old town. I remembered it being sunny, full of laughter and like a small town of our own. It was this corner of town no one would come to unless they had business there. I thought Durlach belonged to us and us alone. How arrogant. Now it belongs to neither of us.

Before our Paris trip, Firu and I explored Karlsruhe a little bit. He lived here for a year while I did for 8 good months. This town held memories and our loved ones. I thought I would feel like coming home being back here. I didn't. We went to Durlach. It hasn't changed. But we couldn't 'go home' there anymore. We visited our old home but didn't come in - it belongs to someone else now. We climbed the foot of the Turmberg mountain and discovered a place we'd never known before. Funny, how I thought it belonged to me.

Threadless Illustrated Tee // H&M blazer (a friend's) // C&A plaid skirt // Rilakkuma bag // Falke tights // Deichmann boots // Photos of me by Firu

On this trip to Karlsruhe and Paris, I packed a sufficient amount of clothes. Sufficient, not a lot. Firu frowned upon this but I don't feel bothered by it. I'm all about being efficient, baby. I brought a batik dress, this tee, this skirt, a pair of pants, a blouse and this blazer. Those were enough and highly remixable. All the items in this post are all stuff I've owned before December came. It's so nice to be wearing old stuff. The only person to give me thumbs up for my limited clothing choice is probably my good friend, Wilson - who came with us on this little trip to Durlach. He's the only person I know who wears khaki pants and crocs in winter. Then again, it's winter in Karlsruhe, which wasn't anything at all. Hence, my absence of a coat. Have a homecoming Friday, all! Cheerio!


  1. Climbed the foot of turmberg mountain and discovered new place... lagi2 bikin gue iri!!

    1. This isn't as awesome as it sounds. Trust me!

    2. Tapi foto lo yg di tangga sama di jalan setapak bener2 bikin iri... setidaknya lo ga akan nemu gituan di jakarta...

    3. Namanya juga Jakarta kota gede, tapi klo loe ke gunung2 ya pasti ada juga kok~


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