Sunday, 13 January 2013

Houndstooth on a Bucktooth

EXPAND denim top // Houndstooth jumper via Someone Like You // H&M tights // C&A coat // Primark shoes // Shakespeare & co. tote bag // First and fourth pictures by Rezy

I don't know if you've ever noticed but I have an easy-to-spot bucktooth on the left side of my upper jaw. If I try to smile like a normal person, a tad of white can be seen peeking from beneath my upper lip. It'd look strange and absolutely out of place. Despite what people say, though, I adore my bucktooth. It makes me...well, me, I think. Mom promised to get me braces like she got my sister after my middle school finals. But here I am, six years later, still bucktoothed and braces-less. My sister was buckteethed - she had two! - and now her teeth are perfectly aligned. Sometimes I do wish to have my teeth fixed with braces - people can lose weight wearing those - but it's far too complicated now that I' live abroad. Oh, we'll see.

Before the holiday started, I raided Lauren's closet and purchased this lovely houndstooth dress. It is winter-appropriate because it's made out of wool and surprisingly cozy. Granted, it's only 7-8º here but, otherwise, I wouldn't advice you to walk around sans coats. Thanks, Lauren! I'm still on cloud nine after visiting my favourite english bookstore in the world, Shakespeare & co.! It was like a dream but I have a tote to prove it. This tote was clearly meant to carry books and not much else since there are barely space for anything else. My kind of tote. Tomorrow's the first day of school again. So not ready. Either way, have a relaxing Sunday! Cheerio! 

Lauren of Someone Like You

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