Sunday, 6 January 2013

Les Jours à Paris: Les Pyramides du Louvre

Hello, readers! If you know me in real life/have read my previous post, you're probably excited to read about our trip to Paris, France - La ville d'Amour, they say. Iva and I had been planning for this since July or August and were completely excited about this. Being the only girls, we were the ones to move the group - since, otherwise, there wouldn't be a trip at all. We stayed for four days and three nights. Still it wasn't enough to explore the city. But we enjoyed it all the same.

 We departed quite early on Thursday morning - after christmas break - and arrived a little past midday in Paris. We roamed the station for a bit to buy inner-city tickets for five days. Our welcome in Paris was nice, everyone was kind. We went straight to our hostel. After getting a little bit lost, we finally found our hostel. We hit a bit of a dead end when the lady at the counter couldn't speak English at all. We made it through, checked in, put our bags in our room and went on our first real Parisian trip. First stop was lunch, which wasn't easy to find and we became desperate and ate at a Chinese restaurant just a little off rue du Rivoli - it was affordable and delish, though!

Not to bore you with our loooong sightseeing inside of Musée du Louvre, here are just a few pictures of the insides of the museum. Basically, it's an art museum, divided into 3-4 floors, whose parts house different kinds of artworks. The most famous is, of course, the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci, which we barely got to see, covered by the sea of people. I'm so glad we went in, unlike many Indonesian tourists, especially of our age. We actually talked about art! I was in heaven. Not just the european art but asian and even african art were there as well, hence the strange-looking statue at the bottom. We stayed here until dark. By the way, we thought the edifice in front of it was the Arc de Triomphe. We weren't wrong, it was just not the one we were looking for.

In case you haven't noticed, I am completely smitten by the pyramid construction of the Musée du Louvre done by I M Pei - yes, I just figured this out. Such a modern exterior touch to an interior-wise traditional-looking museum. I also adore the fresco-covered insides of this museum. The middle picture pretty much sums up our whole trip, where Iva and I stare deep into a map and plan out our next move. Funny, in a group full of men. We made the mistake of thinking the Champs-Élysées wasn't that long and tried to walk from Louvre to the real Arc de Triomphe. Needless to say, we were exhausted. But it was a sight to be seen. We ordered takeout and went back to the hotel. Iva and I then planned our trip for the following day before we even did anything else. Stay tuned for our next adventure in Paris! Cheerio!


  1. Why was it hard to find lunch in such a city? So jelly of your art museum trip :''''''( and that ferris wheel, didn't you go up there?

    Btw foto terakir lo itu pasti lo lg ngmg 'e bentar deh' haha

    1. It was basically a city filled with cafés and bistros for miles and miles, none of which, probably, fits into your yeah. Why, thank you :D I wanted to but no one seemed to be attracted to the idea :'(

      HAHAHA gatau gw aja lupa ngomong apa itu...


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