Thursday, 31 January 2013


The snow's started to melt. It hasn't snowed in around a week and the temperature's risen in a heart beat. Spring is coming and I can't wait! The lake and river in the park have also started to melt, which makes them look all milky. Excuse my disobedient hair, the lake was extra windy. The whole park wasn't, though. Of course, I had to pick the windiest spot, what with my sore throat, coat-shedding and all. Oh, but wind and rain mean winter is starting to melt away and spring is just around the corner. Yippie! I didn't use to be a huge fan of spring but the temperature is just optimal. Plus, I just purchased the perfect dress! Can't wait to share it on the blog. The finals are coming and I probably won't be too active on the blog. Wish me luck, guys!

C&A coat // Vero Moda blouse // New Yorker belt // flea market skirt // 11Eureka tights // H&M socks // Deichmann chelsea boots

I know what you're thinking, did my closet just explode and these are the only things left or did I go crazy on the patterns? It's the latter, by the way. In fact, my classmate told me that it's "yet another crazy combination." Maybe my eyes' prescription's gotten worse but, personally, I really do think this outfit works. I wore this to Firu's last weekend but we didn't go anywhere because he got sick. Obviously, we didn't take pictures of this outfit. So I recreated it. The upside to that whole weekend: I got into cooking again, real meal this time. Hopefully, I'll be able to come up with a few recipes after the finals. Until then, have a windy Thursday! Cheerio!

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