Saturday, 19 January 2013

Every Girl Has a Fat Girl Inside

This is something I surely have never shared on the blog before. But, lately, I've seen and read people changing their diets or lifestyle to live healthier and/or lose weight. So here I am, out of the blue, sharing with you my fat girl story. Unfortunately, I don't really have a diet story. I didn't stick to one diet pattern and lose weight because of it. But just hear me out.

All my childhood, I've been a fat girl. It's kind of funny, remembering, when I was very little, I wasn't all that fat and don't have a chubby-face built - unlike my sister, who, ironically, was and is always the skinny one. Anyway, when I was in middle school, it got so bad that I actually hit 68 kg (my height is 161 cm). It became so bad that I couldn't even shop in the women's section of any clothing store. I had to try out pants several times before I found the ones which fit me. They were usually men's cargo, which are actually too big for my legs and too heavy for my hips. The sizes which fit me were L or bigger. I didn't even have curves! Of course, back then I didn't realise how bad it was.

I started eating healthier when my mother asked me to go on a diet with her. This required no dinner, just veggies. That's it. That's all I had to do. It helped a lot, though. Plus, I had cram schools and school projects which required going to places within walking distances, which was the most exercise I had outside of P.E. Oh yeah, it also helped that my middle school had weekly jogging plans that I almost never missed out on. This kind of diet continued on in high school. Somewhere along the way, I started consuming more low-fat products, eating daily fruits, doing more exercise (my arms actually have hard muscles!), etc. After I started dating Firu, my weight stays the same or reduces now and then. When I was living in Halle, though, I barely ate out of mild depression and laziness to cook. I lost more weight. Now I have curves, my collarbone is visible for all to see and I fit into smaller-sized clothes. Yaay!

Despite my weight loss, I still feel like losing some more. There are parts of my body that, I feel, still needs some tweaking, i.e. my thighs and calves. Plus, living healthily never hurts. If you want to join in, here are some great diet tips from Tieka, fitness tips from Emma plus lifestyle tips from my friend, Grecia. I say these ladies are awesome to be able to accomplish this. Here are some tips from me as well, aside from what they've already said:
  1. Eat only when you need to! - This means don't eat when you're just bored or want to chew/something tasty in your mouth. More often than not, when you do this, even just one bit can trigger your hunger. If you do this often, you start to get hungry quickly and, before you know it, you eat like a pig.
  2. Walk it off! - If you need to go somewhere and it's within walking distance, don't take the bus/tram/other transport systems (unless you're in a hurry). This also stands for sitting down. When you're in a bus/tram and there's still enough space to stand around, choose that rather than sitting down. This will help your digestive system.
  3. Multitask it! - Doing house chores or running errands can be a good form of exercise. It's probably isn't much but definitely better than nothing. Plus, you get to accomplish two things at once.
  4. Give yourself a break! - Following a set of strict diet rules is good. It disciplines you. But there's no harm in treating yourself now and then. So you haven't eaten chocolate for a month, per se. There's no harm in eating some now. It'll feel like a reward after your long, hard work. Just don't neglect your own rules tomorrow.
  5. Keep yourself motivated! - This, often, is the problem. You sometimes lose sight of why you started doing this in the first place. Get your loved ones to help you or keep a poster of motivations in your room. Maybe a picture of the body you want to have or set of motivational words. Just don't lose sight of it.
Personally, I don't think you need to go to the gym to start. But, if you think that will be more discipline for you, it's recommended. I myself don't like the gym. I'd rather jog in the park or play any kinds of sports. Also, you should check out diet tips according to your blood types. It's very healthy and true! Let me know if you're doing this too. Cheerio!

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