Thursday, 17 January 2013

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Heart

In commemoration of Firu's and my 2 1/2 anniversary, I'm going to talk about love...again. They say love is supposed to be an unconditional feeling. That, even though the object of your affections don't reciprocate the feelings, you wish them happiness. L-O-V-E is a subject I like to think about. I am in love with the idea of love. Most girls are like this too, I should think. Sad to say, they may be more in love with love than the actual person. This rises as a problem in a relationship when what they expect out of a relationship/person doesn't pan out. We're all just people, in the end. Romance is the method of making something more beautiful than it is to attract the beholders. Love, however, is taking something for what it is and continually wants to protect it both physically and mentally. Romance is where it starts, love is how it goes on. So, before you go on calling something love, really think about it and ask yourself, "Is this really love?" Or it might come back and bite you in the ass.

Primark coat // C&A kids cardigan // Threadless "Zombie Romance" tee // H&M waist-high shorts // Tights c/o MyHudson // Philips headphone (self-designed) // All Star by Converse sneakers

Against my better judgment to save this tee for Valentine's Day - that would one bloody Valentine, I'd say, this tee I bought off  Threadless during the holidays is like my mind put into a shirt. Zombie love is the best - since it's a no-brainer, get it? I love how bloody and real it is. Do you guys realise that I was wearing eyeliner? I barely ever put make up on and eyeliner is my archnemesis since my eyes can't keep still when anyone tries to put them on me. It isn't clearly visible under my glasses, though. Firu said my eyes would look bigger with eyeliners - since they are slanted and droopy. So on our Paris trip, I asked Iva to apply it on me. And I did look better. So I'm going to learn now. Have a lovely bloody Thursday! Cheerio!

P.S: I hate that Spotify changed this song title. It's supposed to be "Monroeville" instead of "Monrover"


  1. Can't help but comment xD Love this one kak !! Especially the second photo on the right side, Gorgeous !

  2. oops, i mean that second one on the left . sorry my bad *selalu bingung mana kanan mana kiri* hahaha

    1. Thanks! Took all the pictures myself, FYI ;)


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