Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Heart Aches for the Shining Sun

Winter has caught up with me. It's got to the point where I can't even tolerate snow anymore. And that has never happened before! Being a girl from a tropical world, seeing and feeling snow are two of the main reasons to travel to lands with four seasons. But winter is such a drag. I miss being able to go out without so much as a tee and shorts. And the flowing water, the festivities, the feeling like I don't have to worry about anything. Those are the best. The first summer I spent working and suffering in the blazing sun while last summer I traveled and took care of some applications. This summer I want to live the dream: go to the beach - with or without sea -, stargaze, visit a sunflower field, go on awesome picnics/barbecue, visit flea markets often, blow bubbles, etc. The list goes on and on as I am making one right now. Summer, please come soon. I can't stand the cold no more.

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P.S: Today is my late Mom's birthday. Not to be sad about it, though. Just want to say I love her and she would be 47 if she was still around.

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