Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Les Jours à Paris: Les Non-Événements

Last day of the journey! Oh damn, I'm going to miss this trip. By the end of it, we were too tired to think of anywhere else to go to and of standing in a long line to get somewhere. We didn't plan it all the way through the night before what we were going to do this day. But we went to the first place Iva wanted to go to: The Catacombes. But, in contrary to what we believed, there was a long line snaking its way around the small park next to the entrance. After hard but short deliberation, we decided to ditch the place and go to the second destination, mine, Musée d'Orsay. I wasn't sure what was in it, but I admired the exterior when we discussed it in my Paris class.

Needless to say, this famous site was surrounded with twice as many people, standing in line. In desperation and defeat, we walked away once again, this time catering to our growling tummy. At first, as our last attempt to find the Japanese restaurant Edwin had told us from the beginning of the trip, we got off the métro at Saint Michel, where we thought it would be. Instead, Edwin and Iva took a look around for more souvenirs. On this same spot, we saw an african man perform some soccer tricks/dance moves. He even climbed the nearby lamp post. Wilson was so amazed he gave him the well-deserved penny.

We roamed the small alleyways a little bit to look for the best site for lunch. We found that place in a small corner of a narrow street, where we could order a menu set of appetizer, main course and dessert. From the top is Wilson's appetizer, Herring fillet salad; Edwin's appetizer, Onion cake; my appetizer, Mussels with butter and garlic; Firu's main course, Roasted lamb leg and Wilson's main course, Sirloin steak. I can't, for the life of me, remember the name of this small bistro but the food was all to our liking and the service was superb. The waiter who ushered us in was extra nice - turned out he came from Algeria and was also a Muslim. For dessert I ordered Tarte aux Pommes (my favourite), Firu ordered Raspberry Sorbet while the others ordered Cheese with Honey - which was, to my surprise, actually delicious. Too bad we found such a place only shortly before our departure.

As our last destination, we finally visited the Sacré Coeur. This was located in a poor district, filled with a huge number of people, crowding into one another. I would suggest you keep your belongings close to you for fear of clever pickpockets. I read that the view from this place should be quite romantic. With these many people, it wasn't. I hated the street vendors here, who almost forcefully pulled us aside upon climbing the stairs. How rude! Funny thing happened, though. The police suddenly came to raid the place and everyone packed up their merchandise and hid away. Too bad the police left too soon. Afterwards, we rushed to the station, waited for our train and boarded it when it arrived. We spent the trip back playing cards and sleeping. That was one hell of an adventure. I kind of wish to write more. But you're probably sick of it right now. So I'll stop. Enjoy your day! Cheerio!


  1. Catacomb apa kuburan bukan? Huuuuh lo yg ga kesana gue yg kecewa. btw mussels sama steaknya kyny enak... kok ga difoto juga dessertnya! Kecewa part 2. Kok ga difoto juga sacre courenya... kecewa part 3 hahaha

    huu you looked having so much fun there everyday i'm envious meanwhile ive got to deal with a job i'm quite reluctant with :( good for you btw

    1. iya, kuburan gitu. Hahaha males bgt cuy ngantri panjang. Musselsnya enak banget! Kaki kambingnya c daus jg enak tp steaknya trll mateng. Soalnya kita trll asyik makan bwt motret haha. Sacré coeurnya gw foto kok itu yg ada kita berempat...

      Haha itu cm yg kliatan d blog kok gin...dsini jg ada kalanya gw gabut + bosen/stres mikirin tugas dsb. Jangan khawatir!

    2. Itu musselnya dikuahin butter garlic? ...Dan gue lg laper2nya... oh iya yg di rumput itu.

      Hurghh seru bgt. if only my parents were as letting as yours are...

    3. IYAAA tp kerangnya cuma dikit...sisanya gw comot pake roti sm tmen gw wkwk

      as letting? -__- maksudnya seleluasa yaa? ortu gw sih cukup percaya sama gw + maunya gw tau apa yg baik dan ngga dgn sndirinya...I love them!


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