Friday, 19 June 2015

Semarang Day 4: Stasiun Tawang

Last outfit post from our trip to Semarang from last month. Yep, it took almost a whole month to talk about this short trip. Strange how that works out, huh? On the last day, we really didn't do anything but start packing for our train trip home. It has been years since the last time we all as a family rode on a train together. Obviously, with every other trips out of town, we had to bring as much traditional and regional food as possible - both for ourselves and for our friends and colleagues. We spent the last few hours before we had to go to the train station scouring food we would want to bring back home. We arrived at the station around half an hour early. The train hadn't even arrived yet. My sister and I took this opportunity to snap some shots of my outfit inside the station. Stasiun Tawang is the biggest and second-oldest station in Semarang. It was open for public in 1868. The station has a unique way of welcoming each train that arrives there by playing our traditional music of Gambang Semarang by piano, which sounds absolutely cheery and joyful. I love the copper abundance in the structure. Old train stations, am I right?

Taman Safari tee // thrifted denim jacket // hand-me-down pants // vintage hat // Exsport slingback // DF Fashion shoes // photos by Akita & Dad

These days going out of town makes me quite reluctant to go back home; go back to Jakarta. My wanderlust is always roaring to be free. I'd really love to go to a different town sometimes soon, somewhere I haven't been before, somewhere I can discover new things. But sometimes it's important to go back to familiar places and reveal new things, explore new grounds and try new activities. I've been going out to Semarang my whole life and I never knew the places I saw on this trip. I never bothered to find out. Sometimes even Jakarta is a strange place for me. Funny, how I could honestly say I know Kassel and Karlsruhe like the back of my hand though I've lived there for a year, at most, but I can't say I know Jakarta the same way - granted, Jakarta is a huge city - even though I've been living there for practically my whole life. But I really would like to explore more and find out more about my hometown. Well, anyway, at least for now, I'm homebound.

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