Sunday, 7 June 2015

Semarang Day 3 pt. I: The Reception

This post was continued from the previous one. We started bright and early today because as bridesmaids (well, not really, since Islamic weddings don't need bridesmaids), we had to get made up and have our hair styled like two hours before the procession - and there was a long line of relatives. Yup, it was 6AM when we departed to meet up at the hotel where the reception would be held. You better believe I was still sleepy. If there was an empty spot, either at the hairstyling or the make up station, someone better filled it so as not to take too long. If someone was done with hair and makeup, they should go to the bathroom to change into their respective uniforms. Mine was too small on me - even after it was taken out! - that the buttons keep popping open whenever I move. Real sexy, I know. The skirt is a bit of a wrap, which was just tricky to put on. After we were done, we were asked to leave the hotel room because it was way too crowded. So we went downstairs and took some photos while we waited for the others - which felt like ages.

The whole outfit is courtesy of my cousin bride (except the earrings which are from Julikäfer)

When everyone was finally done and the men arrived - which was later since they didn't need make up and hair, lucky bastards! -, we all got ushered to the ballroom hall, where the decorations are already up and the food adorned the room. The men had a harder time in walking that I did. Ha! That's for not having to get ready at six! The first hour was spent by all the small families to take photos together. There was a photo booth and, boy, was it popular. Afterwards, it's the usual: the bride and groom came in, the line for the handshaking started forming and the time to eat began. We all spread out to see all the food and grabbing what we liked and only realised an hour later that we could've eaten like civilised people in the VIP room. Damn! To be honest, the reception was kind of boring, I just thought of sleeping the whole event. But let's talk about the make up and hair for a second, shall we? While the make up looks good on me, the make up artist obviously didn't participate different skin colour because it looked horrid on my sister. I love that the hairstylist went with a french twist because I didn't specify, I just wanted to wear the ornament. And there's that. Next post will be about the after hour.

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