Saturday, 27 June 2015

Romantics + Chocolate

 Pipiltin Cocoa Barito

Since the beginning of this year, it feels like I've started to acquire this new hobby of mural chasing all over town. Fortunately, these murals are located in restaurants or cafés, so I can sit down and take my time with the photo-taking. Unfortunately, these are public places so people will most likely stare. Anyway, the other day, I had the chance to hang out and be reunited with a high school friend, Vanessa - no, she hasn't been on the blog before and yes, I mentioned countless times how much I hated high school, but she's not part of the reason why. We went out to this beautiful restaurant and café called Pipiltin Cocoa in Barito, South Jakarta. The scent of chocolate welcomed us on the way in and we quickly picked a seat right in front of the mural. The place was magnificent with enough huge windows and adorable recycled glass in the floor. Vanessa ordered the Ultimate Beef Burger while I opted for the Tagliatelle Mushroom. We came at happy hour so we each got free beverages with our meal - Iced Apple Tea Caramel for Vanessa, Iced Tea with Lemon Sorbet for me. She then ordered Freezheece for dessert, which is vanilla ice cream, seasalt, strawberry sorbet and four kinds of cheeses. The taste overall wasn't the best, to be honest, but, to be fair, the place is famous for their chocolate and we didn't order any.

Thrifted denim jacket + sandals // thrifted dress via Pineneedle Collective // photos of me by Vanessa

Now, about Vanessa: she is probably the only hopeless romantic I've ever known. As two silly, hopeless romantics in long-term relationships - albeit very different ones, obviously - we have so many things in common. I've always enjoyed chatting with this girl, even when I was living abroad. I finally had a friend to talk about all these little sweet moments between me and Firu, between me and his family and other romantic happenstances. Funnily enough, we never had the chance to hang out just the two of us. I guess, it's always because we seemed to hang around very different circles, despite our common interests. Until on this day, when we went out just the two of us - with no particular reason but to catch up - and it felt so good. There was a time when I thought I wasn't good with one-on-one interactions, but I think that's mostly because I'm always so passive in group hangouts. Now I feel like it's the best thing ever! It's gives us a chance to really open each other up and share our deepest thoughts - although, obviously, it can only be done with someone we're comfortable with, at least to some degree. Everyone needs quality time like this every now and then.

P.S: This dress almost doesn't fit me anymore and the outfit looks like this one. Enough said.

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