Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Semarang Day 2: Freetime Friday

Photos are taken using Canon EOS 600D with EF 18-135 mm and EF 18-55 mm lenses (2 cameras)

As I mentioned in the last post, my family went out to Semarang last weekend for a cousin's wedding. The ceremony was on Thursday and the reception was on Saturday, which means that Friday was a full day off! Woohoo! It was also the day my sister and brother came to town. So the other cousins and I brewed up a plan to roam the town like a bit of a tourist by riding on a tour bus. But first - since they had to work - my parents, Stepbro and myself went out to lunch at Taman Erlangga, where it is famous for its traditional food court layout, the lush trees as canopy and the breezy atmosphere. There were some musicians there to serenade our meal too. The best eating experience, I'd say. Afterwards, my parents went home while Milzam and I went out to Lawang Sewu. If you're not Indonesian, you may not know that this place is quite famous for its "paranormal activity," shall we say? It even has its own horror movie. Back in the days, this colonial building was used by the Japanese to torture the locals or imprison them. There are various tunnels under the building, connected to nearby hospitals and were used by the Dutch to invade the city. Needless to say, neither I nor Milzam had the guts to go down there, even in broad daylight. The only thing I regretted was the restricted access to the upper level.

Hand-me-down batik top + pants // DF Fashion shoes // vintage hat // Cotton On purse (Sis's) // photos of me by Milzam

After a disappointing tour around the torture chambers, we went to the train station to pick up my brother and sister and went to the meet-up spot my cousins and I agreed on. We waited quite long but she came late and the bus already left. We decided to just walk around to where the tickets were sold and stumbled upon an antique flea market in this tiny alleyway. There were tons of beautiful, lovely items for sold there, including a hat I've been eyeing for the past couple years. But more on that on my next post. We decided to buy the bus tickets for Saturday, after the reception, instead. Then we reunited with another cousin and - after praying - we went out to Pecinan (Chinatown) for dinner. There were tons of food stalls there and we were drooling as we checked them out and looked for a good place to sit. You have to be careful, though, because you don't know where the porks lay - unless you're allowed to eat that, then you're fine. We wrapped the night quite exhausted with a lot of inside jokes to add to the list and hit the sack for an early start in the morning.

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