Monday, 1 June 2015

May in Overview

Excited about...
Putting up my work for sale! This is actually something I've done for a while now. But it's the first time it's ever become successful. I'm not talking about commissions, though. I'm talking about something that I originally made with ideas from my own brain. And this is something I'm quite proud of. It's still a little sporadic because I'm not sure of the platform I should (and could) use. Please take a peek here to purchase!

Currently reading...
Wildwood Imperium! The last book from the Wildwood Chronicles! I know, I know, I'm quite late in this but they did get published quite late out here. It is one of those series where I just feel sad that it's ended, despite the happy ending. When a series makes you feel that all the characters are your friends and you're left wondering if you'll ever see them again by the end of it, it's a good story. No matter how long or quick they are. It's modern-day Narnia, if I may say so myself.

Currently watching...
Live-Report from Cannes. In case you didn't know before, I'm a film festival kind of girl. My favourite is obviously Sundance and then Cannes. And, guess what? It's happening this month and I am super psyched to experience it...through the internet. Yes, sadly, I'm not lucky enough to get invited and catch these feature films in person but at least I get to catch some interviews and seminars with all the perpetrators of motion pictures. Favourite topic: female roles in the filming industry.

Listening to...
Florence and the Machine's new singles. Florence always comes up with the best songs and her newest ones do not disappoint. What Kind of Man gives me so much feels that I watched it over and over again, trying not to cry. It's just so powerful and intricately done that I can't help but to feel absolutely moved. Ship to Wreck is just as chaotic, with a different vantage point. It hits close to home because it's a question I feel like I would be asking in another life.

Thinking about...
Learning how to drive. I think it's due time I do this. I mean, I've learnt 5 years ago, but not well, and I've forgotten most of what was taught. And it was with a stick, now we only have automatics. Also, I'm starting to get sick of not being able to get stuff done because I can't drive myself places. So it's high time I put an end to that.

Starting the month hanging out with my siblings and Cynthia // finally received this sweet package from Rebecca Green // Friyay with Cynthia again 'cause I can't get enough of her! // new adorable pyjama sets // finally met up with my old friend Ervina // every shipped purchase of ICGH comes with a custom-made thank you card // reading companions for the train trip // a band to accompany lunch under lush trees in Semarang // found a really cool antique cafĂ© in Kota Lama

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