Monday, 15 June 2015

Semarang Day 3 pt. II: After Hours

The adventure continues! After the reception, my sister, brother, stepbrother, cousins and I went off on our own. Remember the bus we missed the other day? Well, today was going to be the day we would finally get on it. Yaay! However, before we did, we decided to go to the antique flea market from the other day to haggle the price of this hat I had been eyeing. My cousin helped me haggle a bit and I tried to seem like I wasn't the one who was interested. My stepmom had this idea that the vendor might have given me such a high price because he knew I came from Jakarta. In the end, I stepped in too - plus the vendor knew I was the one who wanted to hat anyway - and we settled for a reasonable price. It wasn't too cheap but it wasn't too expensive. And I was super happy! We quickly hopped on the bus to take some pictures before it departed. The bus explored Kota Lama, showing us various old buildings and giving us the history. My absolute favourite is this building with giant fire ants on it, Gedung Marabunta. It used to be a theatre of some sort; the glass ornament on the doors and windows have Snow White mosaics. For a second there, it felt almost as if we just stepped out of this country.

Hand-me-down shirt // Esprit skirt (old) // Cotton On purse (Sis's) // ModCloth shoes (giveaway!) // vintage hat // photos of me by Milzam

After the bus finished its tour, we got off and decided to go to a small antique café on Jalan Noeri. It was so secluded, almost scary in the dark. But the inside was really, really old. It's as if the café came with a sepia filter. The menus were printed using old Indonesian lettering and the taste of the food and drinks were rather nice. I especially loved the mural of a grand cathedral in front of the door! There were actually more than one antique cafés around this part of town, though, so you could take your pick. The next stop was Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, which is located quite secluded as well. Thankfully, my cousins and stepbrother knew this area well. The gallery was filled with photographs by Indonesian journalists at the moment. And the exhibition changes from time to time. The photos were marvellous and I was in so much awe. It was an afternoon well-spent, hanging out with the cousins and enjoying a different lifestyle from usual. Who says you can't do any of these things in Indonesia? You can, you just have to know where to look. Well, that's it from my Semarang trip. I actually have one more set of photos but I don't know if I'm going to post them. Well, I guess we'll see.

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