Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Reunion of the Ex-Ex-Pats

♪ Nova Scotia - Magic Man ♫

Funny, how people don't have a name for people who are no longer ex-pats. It's as if by coming back home you're free to pick up your life where you left off. As if time hadn't moved on at all. And as if whatever happened to you abroad were erased, just like that. But, if you were once an ex-pat yourself, you'd know that these things take time. There are at least 7 things that would happen to you when you get home. But no one else but those ex-pats would know what they feel like, how strange it was that you need to try hard to fit back into the life you once knew - except not really because things change all the time.  For now, I'll call us ex-ex-pats - we being me, Edwin and Wilson. You've probably read about Wilson's homecoming and mine but Edwin's story came afterwards. We actually reunited two months ago, which I recorded on instagram. But we met yet again two weeks ago when our friend Ratri came to town on vacation. It felt so nice to catch up and talk about the good ol' days. My face hurt by the end of the night, from all the laughing.

Hand-me-down varsity jacket // H&M top (thrifted) // C&A chinos // Picard backpack (old) // DF Fashion shoes

I'll be honest with you: I'm running out of clothes to wear. These days I find myself gravitating towards the same items over and over again, simply because nothing else would fit me anymore. Thankfully, these things still fit me, even if a little bit too tightly. With fasting, I've been losing a little bit of weight but I hope to lose more soon, of course. The only thing in this outfit that I don't to worry about when it comes to weight is the backpack. It used to belong to my late mother, so it's been around since I was about 10. It's real leather, with a great structure and beautiful colour. It was gifted to her, if I'm not mistaken, from someone who came home from abroad. Since then it's been over 10 years in our family and barely used by anyone, yet the condition is still top-notch and the comfort level is off the chart. It's become my favourite backpack of the moment. Do you have anything you inherited from someone and lasts a decade or more? Pray tell!

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