Friday, 27 February 2015

My Heart Was Made for Sunny Days

It seems the end of the rain season approaches. The sun has been coming out a lot lately and I cannot be happier. There has been much less rain as of late and the sun hits the streets, the bathroom, the piano noble just right during the golden hour. Needless to say, the temperature rises and the sweat makes yet another frequent appearance. Aside from that, the month is slowly coming to an end like sunset in a summer's dusk. Absolutely gorgeous, it's glimmering! To be quite perfectly honest, the end of this month seems a little pressuring and I am drowning in a sea of to-do lists and unchecked self-assigned tasks. Some things seem more daunting than they actually are, though, and all I need to do, really, is take a deep breath, take a step back and assess things from a seriously objective vantage point. Once I manage to do that, everything becomes lighter than I thought. February seemed a lot slower than January but it still ended in a flash. I swear it just started yesterday. But I've been lucky enough to be blessed by so many shiny and wondrous things this past month. Meanwhile, it's Indonesian Fashion Week this weekend and I'm attending - not the full 4 days though - so please look forward to that in my next outfit post.

Primark shirt (thrifted) // vintage loafer // hand-me-down skirt + purse // Flapper Girl ascot tie (giveaway!)

If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen this outfit before. Yes, it's the outfit I wore to my first ever job interview. At first I was going to wear a different, "louder" top - it was floral, if you must know - but my Stepmom winced when she saw my outfit and demanded that I go change. Good that she did too because the previous combination could make someone go cross-eyed and no boss in the world would ever hire someone who gives them that. I thought I'd add the ascot tie to inject a little bit more academic feel to the preppy look. So I was left with an all-pink-and-leather outfit. That's something I never thought I would wear to my first professional interview. But I love it anyway! Who would've thought? Also, this outfit makes me feel like such a mature working woman because I wore it twice and rode on public transports - and if you know Jakarta's public transports, you would know that this got me some pretty huge stares. By the way, I just found out that Flapper Girl is closed for good and I can't be sadder. Christine makes the best ascot ties in the world!

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