Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Mix It Up a Notch: Maxi Green Pleated Skirt

Like the previous remix post, this skirt was also a serendipitous meeting. One winter day, when Saku-chan and I were visiting Firu and spending nights at his home, we paid a visit to Wuppertal flea market. It was super cold and snowing when I spotted this gorgeous, albeit way too large, skirt on someone's rack. Almost without a second thought, I grabbed the skirt for 4€! It is as lovely, fluffy and comfortable as I had imagined it would be. Not for a second have I ever regretted my decision. The chiffon-y material is very lightweight and breezy but the layered inside gives it its bouncy and swishy structure. The pleats are so intricately folded and beautifully done, it puts all other pleated skirts to shame. Simply marvellous! The length reminds me a lot of my school uniform skirts - from elementary all the way to senior high - except it grips me with a gypsy-esque, mystical feel as opposed to preppy. You can tell that I simply love to twirl in this skirt, its movement displays an aesthetic that satisfies me somehow. (Click the photos to go to the respective posts!)

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