Sunday, 15 February 2015

In the Absence of Love and Life

This post was supposed to be a love-themed post of what I did yesterday. There was a plan to have a family lunch with my sister's boyfriend too but it fell through at the last minute and I was left with a day with nothing to do. Instead, my stepmom and I ordered in some pizza and watched a movie about Arturo Sandoval. It's very suitable for the day! The story was about his love for music and for his family. It was quite moving and we were both left wondering why we didn't know about him before. Sadly, there was no romance at the other side of the TV screen. The only affair you would've witnessed was between me and the pizza. Yep, a great lover, that one! These photos were taken at home, by the way, with my stepmom watching just a few feet from where I was sitting. She helped me with the choreography - what is it called when she directs me a little during the photoshoot? - but I did the whole shooting thing myself. We did end up going out to dinner as a family - nowhere fancy, just food tents nearby. Today I'm going out with my best friends to celebrate Gina's graduation - actually everyone's but mine - with her family. How was your Valentine? Did you actually celebrate?

Theory dress (as top) // Pimkie skirt // Ebay tights // vintage shoes + hat

Since I already made the illustration, I decided to wear the outfit anyway. Even just for two slices of pizza and some mozzarella sticks. Like hell am I going to let the illustration go to waste! This year my glasses are also red, which suits the Valentine theme perfectly. I love putting red on! It always puts me in a good mood and turn all heads on me - all the much easier to find in a crowd. If I were being perfectly honest, this outfit was all frayed. The dress is ripping at the seams (say goodbye now, I just threw it away last night because it was beyond repair!), the tights have holes all over (you can witness that at the loafer closeup) and the skirt's colour is growing greyer (it doesn't seem apparent at all). But I still love them all and, if I could fix them, I would. Also, put together don't they create a very romantic feel? Oh how I wish I was going on a date in this ensemble instead. But, oh well!

P.S: If you're interested, last year I talked about the love conundrum on V-day!

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