Saturday, 7 February 2015

Steampunk Swillhouse

"Swill's Astronef" Mural by Elfandiary

 Hide & Seek Swillhouse

These days, chasing new murals has incarnated itself into my new hobby. When I found out that this new steampunk-themed restaurant was opened and a mural by an Indonesian illustrator who I admire was displayed there, I dragged my friend Enggar yet again. Thank God she didn't mind. The setting of the restaurant was absolutely gorgeous, I love their attention to details and the interior design successfully reminds me of Wild Wild West. You can check out more detailed photos of the location here. My personal favourite, aside from the mural, was the gramophone which may or may not still be working. They also have a garden at the back, where you can enjoy a meal whilst admiring their plantations as well as fresh air - although in this part of the city, that's just wishful thinking. There are two down sides to this place, though: One, the menu isn't different to any of the other restaurants and bar places in the city. They don't seem to offer anything special but maybe that's just because I don't know alcohols well. Two, although they still keep with the steampunk theme in the restrooms as well, they don't have doors save for the stalls, which is pretty uncomfortable. But all-in-all, it was an interesting experience.

C&A cap // Cotton Club top // Maduranese Batik hoodie via Thamrin City // H&M tights // Hand-me-down backpack // Rubi black boots // photos by Enggar

If I were being completely honest, I would say that there are two things you don't know about this outfit: One, the boots belong to my sister and they weren't very comfortable on my feet - I guess because I have very wide feet - and I took them off almost the whole day when I was sitting down. Two, I've been trying to insert this hoodie in my outfit posts but I left my one and only attempt rotting in my archives. I actually went so far as to upload the photos on the blog but didn't publish the post in the end. Now those photos are forever lost in the archives - which I'm still contemplating whether to post or not. In case it hasn't come across, I'm trying to pull out a (possibly) hidden steampunk spirit in me, which is for you guys to decide whether it even exists, even a little bit. This outfit is somewhat inspired by Audrey Rocio Ramirez from Atlantis but definitely with a whole lot of tweaks from yours truly. The style of a jacket tied around one's waist just adds a whole lot of edge and carefree image to a look, doesn't it?

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