Monday, 23 February 2015

Family Lunch at Gubug Mang Engking

 Gubug Mang Engking BSD

On Thursday, which was Lunar New Year, our family took advantage of the day off and went to lunch together with my sister's boyfriend, who just happened to be visiting for the month. Okay, he doesn't happen to visit. We actually had lunch for his benefit. My stepmom kept telling me about this awesome traditional restaurant located not too far away from home and my hospital, Gubuk Makan Mang Engking. It's very popular, though, so booking was mandatory. It was my first time eating there and I absolutely fell in love with both the setting and the food. First, the restaurant was divided into little shacks ("gubug"), each consists of one low table and everyone sits on the floor around it. Except for the main "gubug" and the VIP room, where people sit in chairs and all. But, if you really want to taste authentic Indonesian meal, you have to sit on the floor. It's just common sense. Each of these gubugs is made out of bamboos, rattans and palm leaves and they're all built on a huge man-made lake, which makes up 95% of the restaurant. As you can probably see, no shoes are allowed inside the gubug. Second, the food is incredibly tasty! My favourite is their specialty, honey roasted shrimp/chicken. It's their signature sauce and it's heavenly! I can't get enough of it. Man, I'm missing their food already...

N.y.L.a. top // thrifted vest // hand-me-down pants // Studio Nine loafers // photos by Akita

Halfway into the meal, we realised our table was probably the only table where nobody wore red whatsoever, despite there being 3 people who look positively Chinese. But, as I feel I should stress all the time, I do not have Chinese heritage whatsoever. Not any that I know of anyway. And people who don't know my mother might think that I'm an adopted child but I'm not. My Grandma also has quite slanted eyes. So, going back to clothing, as my Dad, sister and her boyfriend all sported blue, I decided to go with my favourite colour: orange. You probably recognise this top from previous outfit posts and you might never have thought this way of styling it was even possible. Nor did I, to be honest. It doesn't quite work, though, since its build is not quite fitting for this way of wearing. It does look nice, though, doesn't it? Also, it's been so long since the last time I wore this vest. It's amazing how it can still fit me even now...

P.S: Fun fact! I've gained 10.5 kg already since this post...yep...

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