Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A Fragment of Yourself Lies in Your Culture

This illustration makes it seem like I'm living on a beach
Lately, I've been so interested in Batik. My stepmom referred to her friend when I told her I was interested in learning more about batik. It baffles me how little I know about my own traditional style of art. It's been very eye-opening learning more about this topic as well as trying my hand at it. It's something, I think, every young person all over the world should do to preserve their own culture. Just starting out, obviously, I'm not very good at it yet but it's been really fun trying to copy old patterns and incorporating them to make my own. And, being a former art history student, the background story behind all the patterns obviously thrills me. I bet not every Indonesian knows the story behind batik. My stepmom's friend is apparently the owner of a batik fashion line, which will be showcasing at Indonesian Fashion Week at the end of this month. I hope I can see her presentation! Lastly, I'd like to give a little shout out to this new news site Firu and a bunch of his friends put together, It's a very simple yet original idea to deliver news surrounding everything Germany to Indonesian readers. The website is obviously in Indonesian but I hope non-Indonesian readers would visit as well, with the help of Google Translate. I'm contributing articles too every now and then so please go check it out!

This cat was watching me take my photos. Look at its judgmental eyes!

Urban Outfitters hat // Primark shirt (thrifted) // Thrifted sandals // drsv batik pants (giveaway!)

Not too long ago, one of my favourite local brands, drsv, held a giveaway on their instagam page. Being a giveaway junkie, naturally I had to enter. And - can you believe my luck? - I won! I got to pick one of their items that I love the most and I chose this little beauty of a pair of pants. You might notice that it looks significantly different to the one they had in their lookbook. I think that's because they utilised existing batik fabric as opposed to creating their own batik patterns. And since each batik - which is hand-painted - is unique, it can get incredibly difficult to get your hands on meters long of the same batik-patterned fabric.  This is where their designs come in, offering a unique silhouette to make up for the unexpected difference to their sample. Ever since I saw my friend Zahra wearing these batik pants, I've always wanted to sport one. Somehow that never happened...until now. The bonus points: these pants are high-waisted, they have pockets and the leg-cuffs are adjustable. How cool is that?

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