Thursday, 19 February 2015

Fantastic Soulmates

Posting the photo on the right 'cause my best friends say it's my typical face...

only a best friend can make me pull off such a face

In this life, there are certain people who you feel most comfortable with and, whenever you're with them, time seems to unwind itself back to when you guys first met and you're laughing so hard your face aches and you're left exhausted afterwards. Not everyone has such people in their lives but I'm one of the lucky ones because I will always have these guys. If you don't know who they are, you're missing out and you need to read this post, like, right now! Last Sunday we all got together for lunch with Gina's family, celebrating her upcoming graduation as well as her sister's venture to Melbourne, Australia for university. Aside from her family, we all got invited as well as Gina's boyfriend, Oji - who you might recognise from this illustration. After lunch, we went to get some purikura taken. It was obviously a day filled with inside jokes and raucous laughter. As soon as I got home that day, I was completely down for the count from all the guffawing I did earlier. Ugh, they are just the best people, sometimes I forget how much I love them then we get together and I don't know how I could forget such a strong feeling. I only wish Firu was there too.

Everything is thrifted head-to-toe except the bolero (gift from my Grandma) // photos by Uli

When I was away in Germany, I'd had this wish that Firu will one day be one of us. That he will be an honorary member, who we could share all the inside jokes and have silly times with. Seeing that Firu has only hung out with my best friends once (not all of them too and only a short period of time), the process seems to be moving along super slowly. On the other hand, here is Oji, who's hung out with my best friends multiple times as well as know all these people they know and has heard all of our terminologies. I can't say I wasn't jealous. Not just for Firu's sake, sometimes even for my own. But let's not get into that. Uhh...anyway, I can't wait for the time when Firu will come back and we can all hang out together again (with Oji too would be awesome!). These good times just won't be perfect without you.

P.S: Even 2 years later I still adore seeing Oji and Gina together (and more used to it now), so adorbs!

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