Saturday, 21 February 2015

Open for Commissions!

Since I've been trying to incorporate the illustrative part of my life into this blog, I've posted a few illustrations here and there and you guys gave me good feedbacks about them. I appreciate each and every one of them. And now, I'm trying to go a step further as I notice that this blog has got the most coverage in terms of all my social media. I'd like to get straight to it: I'm opening an artistic commission! Here are the types of commissions:

Chibi ($7) +$4 for additional characters

From 2011

Most recent

Bust-up ($10) + $5 for additional characters

From 2012-2013

From 2008-2009

Waist-up ($15) +$8 for additional characters

Most recent                                                                          From 2011                               

From 2011

Full-body ($20) +$10 for additional characters

Most recent                                       Most recent                                   From 2013                          

I do both traditional (using watercolour, copic marker, pastels) and digital (using photoshop). If you want the hard copy, it will cost another $5. If you want me to do it traditionally, another $5 will be charged into the cost. But if it's done traditionally, you will not be charged for the hard copy. There may also be extra costs depending on how complex your request is and will be decided after our discussions.

How to order:

1. Send me an email at with the subject "commission"/"illustration"
2. Please include these infos in the email:
  • What you want me to draw (don't forget to give me the reference)
  • Which type of commission, digital/traditional, hard/soft copy, the clothing and the background
  • If you want them to be drawn in a certain pose/with a certain theme, let me know
3. We will discuss the whole process and the payment method and voilĂ !

If you want to know more on what my style looks like, feel free to check out my deviantART, my tumblr or my portfolio. If you're not interested in a commission but you love my works, you could also check them out on society6. This is a non-commercial commission, so it's strictly for private use. But if you want to use them for commercial use, please make that clear in your email. Really hope that some of you, at least, would be interested in commissioning me. Please let me know!

P.S: Please note that I'm using some of these only as references and my style has changed A LOT! The 'most recent' ones are the most accurate depiction of my current style.

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