Sunday, 1 March 2015

February in Overview

Excited about...
Learning batik! If you didn't know what batik is, it's basically Indonesian traditional wax-resist dyeing technique, generally used on textiles and mostly used for clothing. It dates back to the colonial times and probably even before that. I've just recently learnt about its history and I was left completely in awe. My stepmom's friend Aunt Rini, who happens to be the founder of Kanagoods, is happy to teach me how to do this technique. I've just started the lesson and I'm super excited!

Currently reading...
Griffith REVIEW 40: Women & Power. My sister was actually the one who bought it but she hasn't read it yet and I don't know why. It's a compilation of essays, memoirs, fiction and reportages around the topic of feminism. I'm very much impressed how it's talking a lot about the second wave of feminism, which concerns not only the developed countries but also the struggling women of the third world. It's given me a real good understanding of what feminism is all about without being too oppressive or aggressive toward men. Power comes in all shapes and sizes. Definitely recommended!

Currently watching...
四月は君の嘘 (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso/April is Your Lie). Such a heartbreaking anime about four friends: one is a piano prodigy who was pressured in the music industry by his dead mom, one is a talented violinist who suffers from a terminal illness, one is a young girl who's been in love with the prodigy since they were little but couldn't understand music and one is a young boy who plays soccer and is very popular among girls. This story has a similar feel with with Hachimitsu to Clover (Honey and Clover)  but in an innocent, childish way. Also, I adore the artwork very much! My feelings for Tsubaki is too great, why is Kousei such an idiot?

Listening to...
Goose House. If you read my birthday list accomplishment from last year, you would have heard of them. I just recently found out that they also make original songs and even released albums too! They were actually the reason I started watching Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso and Gin no Saji - both of which I enjoy immensely! My most favourite songs from them are 光るなら(Hikaru Nara) and オトノナルホウへ→(Oto no Naru Hou e→), which just happens to be the theme songs for both these animes.

Thinking about...
Going professional with my art. This month I got my first ever commission from a complete stranger, it was very flattering and, no doubt, I worked my ass off for it. I made it official that I'm opening a commission just a few days ago. If you're interested in it, please let me know. I'm very excited about this, about getting my art recognised. I'm also no longer accepting art trades, at least not until my commissions and current art trades are finished.

Art trade with Karla Alcazar // first stage of drying up some dip-dyed batik by Kanagoods // celebrating Gina's graduation with my fantastic soulmates // outfit for my first ever job interview! // book of the month // learning batik for the first time // trying my hand at dip-dyeing // this is how an expert does batik // Indonesian Fashion Week with Uli 

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