Saturday, 7 March 2015

Working Class Citizen

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Today I want to start off the post with a somewhat gloomy topic (such fitting photograpy, don't you think?) because it's something I don't want to put aside again and it's very important to me. Let's start! Today is the 8th anniversary of my mother's death. Can you believe it? Eight years have I continued living without the person that I love the most in the world. Without the person I am the carbon copy of. Without the one soulmate who understands me within and without. She is the strongest woman I have ever known, the most respectable colleague and the most loveable friend and family. She was a working woman but, respectively, never forced me to be one too and never judged me for whatever dream I had. She taught me to be a confident, independent woman. Despite her job, she never neglected her family and friends. In fact, she was the first to know, to help and to care for everyone in her life, she makes time for them instead of squeezing them into her busy schedule. She was a wonder woman. Some people don't want to be like their mothers, I want to be like mine so badly. Good thing God gave me a head start with my looks and my attitude. You can read more about the event of her death here. Warning: it sent my friends to tears!

The Executive blazer + Vibrantcache peplum top (Sis's) // Céline purse // C&A paisley pants // Fioni shoes via Payless

Now, on a cheerier note, since I've officially become a working woman when I finished my first ever commission last week, I thought I'd dress up as such. This was actually the outfit I wore when my Stepmom and I attempted to go to IFW for the second time but gave up halfway because the line was super long and we weren't all that determined to go anyway. If you happen to catch me working at my desk these days, chances are I'd be wearing a shabby nightgown, with bed hair and a fan in hand to fight off the heat instead of a chic work wear such as this. But, you know, fake it 'til you make it, they say. You would probably think me an editor in chief of some local fashion magazine in this getup now, wouldn't you? I say local because there's no way I can compare to someone like Miranda Priestly or Anna Wintour - let's face it! I can never stop being grateful having lived in this era in humanity history. Now women roam the cities, working like the men - inequality of payment aside - and providing for themselves and their families. On that note, if you want me to do a commission for you - I would recommend it as a wedding gift/invitation or children's book - you can check out all the info here.

P.S: Tomorrow's apparently International Women's Day so this post seems fitting. Cheers to all the women in the world!

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