Monday, 23 March 2015

Come to Find Out He Was Just Chasing Sweets

Gone - The Show Ponies

As you can probably tell, I'm completely enjoying the slow lifestyle right now. When you're as old as my grandparents and you're well-provided, there's nothing like a life of taking things slow and no rushing. Despite my lack of job for the past several months, life has been spinning out of control in my head and I feel like I don't deserve a chance to rest. But then I came here and it feels so good, like life is worth taking things slow every now and then, especially surrounded by this amount of nature all around. Did I tell you that my Grandpa collects birds? Yes, he even has this huge bird house for all his birds - and there are still some more cages to add to that. I'm just a bit torn that they replaced their mango trees with banana trees instead, thanks to some pest problem a few years ago. God, I used to look forward to the mangoes they sent to us throughout the years. But at least I get to use these banana trees as a legitimate tropical backdrop, so who am I to complain? Before you ask any questions, I am not enjoying this book but still trying to get through the last few chapters. But you can read all about it in my monthly recap soon.

Urban Outfitters hat // vintage shirt via Etsy (the actual store is closed!) // hand-me-down pants // thrifted sandals

Quite recently, I just realised how I never wore this shirt with a pair of pants. It wasn't all that odd since the shirt is quite baggy and it wouldn't look good with something other than a pair of high-waisted pants. Which would be fine if any of my high-waisted pairs don't clash with this quirky pattern. But I thought this pair would also look suitable with this shirt, since it's from the same colour palette. Now I feel quite like Huckleberry Finn, though, for some reason. Maybe it's the hat. It's definitely the hat. By pure coincidence, as I was wearing this moth-patterned shirt, a butterfly swooped in and caught my eye during this photoshoot. If you know me, you would have guessed that I was keen on giving a moth-or-butterfly title to this post but I couldn't think of a suitable one so here's a line from my current favourite song. Something about the patterns on butterflies' wings simply remind me of batik.

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