Thursday, 19 March 2015


Woohoo! It's time for a roadtrip! As you're reading this now, I will already be in Surabaya, where my grandparents live. They've missed me so and I feel likewise so I decided to pack my bags and visit them myself. It's been ages since the last time I was aboard a train in Indonesia so it was really quite a nerve wracking experience. My parents kept saying, "Be careful! This isn't Germany, it's Indonesia!" as if I wasn't anxious about the whole experience already. I love being at my Grandparents' home, it's filled with tons of memories: from their younger days, the start of my biological parents' love story, childhood memories of me and my cousins alike. As is with most grandparents' homes, their house is filled with some antique and unique knick knacks scoured from their youthful years. You've seen them before! I always love staying there, just hope I'm not going to be a burden is all. They were going to sell the house around a year ago but I firmly said no and all the stars aligned so they didn't have to. Anyway, look forward to more posts from the land of Surabaya.

Threadless Zombie t-shirt // thrifted denim jacket + skirt // Lazy Oaf socks // Converse shoes

For a while now, I've been wanting to create a roadtrip outfit but I never had the chance, for some reason. Funny, really, since I travel quite frequently. But I guess I'm just the type of girl who doesn't dress up to spend hours in a train or a bus or something like that - unless, of course, there's a promise of going sight-seeing right after. I just don't see the point of dressing up quite nicely only to spend what-feels-like-an-eternity on a moving vehicle by yourself. But, I guess, now that the time lapses, I don't see why I shouldn't try my hand at this. At first, I was going to just put on a pair of pants, as you do when you're going to move around a lot. But not many of my pants fit me snuggly anymore now and I hate wearing the same stuff over and over again on the blog. So here's to my comfiest skirt! Converse is an obvious choice, so is the t-shirt. The jacket tied to the waist, I feel, is a rather roadtrip-appropriate dress code, don't you?

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