Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mother Knows Best

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A little background story: the second half of last month, my best friend Gina went to Australia and she told me that she toured the local cemetery and found it quite beautiful. Then I thought back to all those times I've taken outfit pictures in cemeteries - like here and here - and how I've never taken a picture in the cemetery in Jakarta. The irony is, I actually have the right to be in a cemetery here, not like in Germany where I knew nobody who was buried where I took my pictures. I guess nobody uses the cemetery in Indonesia as backdrop ever! Maybe most of us feel like it would be disrespectful to the buried corpses plus our cemeteries are strictly graveyards with no mausoleums or fancy gates or any such things. We're running out of places to bury people in already, let alone to build majestic fortresses or edifices in graveyards. By the way, this is what muslim graveyards look like in my country. Pretty simple, right? In Saudi Arabia, they don't even write the names in the tomb stones and flatten the ground so you won't know which way the head is - unless you're muslim then you'd know where it would be facing. But, that whole thing being said, I did take pictures in this cemetery after all. I feel like it's less disrespectful when that's not your main goal and you don't take pictures among the graves.

Old muslim shirt (as we call it out here) + pashmina // Batik Keris wrap skirt // thrifted sandals // photos by Akita

On this seemingly foggy morning, our family went to visit our mother at the cemetery. Hi, Mom! This was the Sunday after the 8th anniversary of her death. When I woke up that morning, the sun shone very intensely but the sky changed so rapidly and before long it was raining hard. Then it stopped for a bit and started again shortly after. That went on and on for hours until we managed to steal a few minutes to visit her grave. Funnily enough, it didn't rain a single drop all the while we sat down and said our prayers for her, took these pictures and drove round and round until we got to our lunch destination. Ah, God likes to mess with us sometimes. There are two things I'd like to note on this outfit: one, this isn't the correct way to wear a hijab, it's just a quick throw of shawls or pashmina to mildly cover the head; and two, this isn't what I normally wear to visit Mom's grave. I usually just wear a casual getup. But this is what I wore for the prayer circle event the previous night and thought I'd show you guys. Also, this is a preview of how I will dress after I get married - in case you don't know what I'm talking about, read this post.

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