Tuesday, 31 March 2015

It's Always Sunny in Surabaya

♫ Sunshiner - Lacrosse ♪

Although, actually, it's not. In fact, it rains almost every night I've been here. But, for the sake of these photos and this post (also, this pair of sunglasses), let's say it is. Today is my last day in Surabaya. Tomorrow in the early morn, I'll be on the train headed back home to Jakarta. As I've said, I am reluctant to go but also very excited for my plans for April. Both in real life and also on the blog. There are things that are still in the hush-hush and there are things I have yet to decide. But I'm so itchy to share everything with you guys. All in due time. This month was great. I can't really remember what else I was doing before my two-week vacation with the Grandparents, though, but it must have been something worthwhile. The truth is, in Surabaya we didn't do anything much other than the same old routine. I hardly explored the town - and was surprised to find out how little I know even though I've been coming here almost every year since I was born! - but it was a much-needed quality time with my Titi and Kakung. I feel like right now we have a pre-adult relationship, where we can talk like responsible parts of the society as well as grandparents-and-grandchild. It's a refreshing idea but also a little unsettling; I still need to adjust and find out how to contribute to this change. For starters, I feel like I'm an adult who could take pictures by myself at the front gate when my Grandpa came to stand guard in case anyone snatched my camera away - because, apparently, this is a common area for theft. Now I'm a child again.

Vero Moda dress (thrifted) // thrifted skirt + sandals // Polette sunglasses (giveaway!)

It wasn't until I was done with this photoshoot and went to change my clothes that I realised: hello, maternity look! Yep, I probably looked positively pregnant. But no, I have nothing in the oven but probably some rolls I devoured earlier that day - actually I had no rolls or baked goods but, you know. Also, you might notice that I wore this not too long ago - both the skirt and the dress. Yes, I packed VERY light this time. Because, in the past, I packed with outfit posts in mind and ended up not having too many practical clothes - which are necessary, obviously, for a trip. So I decided to keep the practicality in mind. This means "pack clothes which can be turned into a few outfits then some t-shirts and a pair of shorts for bed." Because that is exactly what I did. Umm...so yeah. I was quite in a hurry when I packed so I didn't think it through. But, oh well. My only regret is that I didn't get to show off too many cute and fun outfits on the blog during my stay out here and blatantly recycling some items I've already worn - which is still in keeping with the eco-month, to be honest. You can probably tell I'm already itching for another trip out of town.

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