Thursday, 2 April 2015

March in Overview

Excited about...
Working on some new projects! I'm not gonna lie, the past few months of outfit illustrations have been quite fun but also very stressful. Imagine having a deadline every four days - that is, if you've already taken the outfit photos or known what the next outfit looks like. It was less stressful with the copic but it was still a bit much. And it put me in a rut. I need to break free and make something completely different, something I actually put effort into. Please do look forward to this because I sure as hell am EXCITED!

Currently reading...
The Magicians by Lev Grossman. If you're thinking about reading this book, I urge you to read my review on Goodreads first. Or, you know, any other bad reviews 'cause it's got a lot of those. The story, I guess, is supposed to be a crossover between Harry Potter and Narnia but with a whole lot more of Catcher in the Rye put in there. No, probably even more depressing than that. Read it at your own risk. That being said, I did read it all the way through because all the fibre in my brain can't forgive an unfinished book. And now that I'm done, it feels like I just swallowed a pill - glad that it's over.

Currently watching...
The Hollywood Reporter's Roundtables. I think the idea of the Roundtables have been around for a while and not originally from THR but it usually only consists of Oscar winners or nominees, which is too bad. I love it when actors and actresses get together and talk about their views on the business and their artistic goals in their career, which is a huge breath of fresh air compared to the ephemeral way they're usually regarded. THR also calls in Oscar directors, musical directors, writers and visual effect designers as well as TV actors and actresses for their roundtables. It definitely brings up a lot of feminism issues, both by the male and female actors.

Listening to...
The Show Ponies, an indie-folk band from LA, USA. Again, another band that I discovered through Noisetrade. They recommended this band for fans of The Avett Brothers, Civil Wars and Johnny Cash but I'm not necessarily a huge fan of any of those and I love TSP! Their music has this cheerful, homey and warming feel to it, even "Gone", which is essentially a breakup song. My favourite songs of theirs include the aforementioned, "California, Here We Are" and "Honey, Dog and Home."

Thinking about...
Meeting up with some friends at last. There are some friends who just made a reappearance in my life and I'm so thrilled to meet up and hang out with them again. Especially one very special person. If you can guess who that is, well, good for you. Not just friends, though, also family, like my Grandmama who I finally got to see again after 3 years two weeks ago. She cried her eyes out because I surprised her. But all the others are still coming along. I hope to see them by the end of April.

First ever commission finished // switching to soy milk 'cause it's tasty! // spending International Women's Day paying respects to the best woman // WIP of my illustration from earlier this month // starting to sell my book (contact me if you're interested) // gorgeous sight of a heap of starfruit // 9-hour train journey to Surabaya // finally seeing my Grandma again // Meanwhile, Firu's having a blast at CeBIT

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