Friday, 24 April 2015

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Congratulations, self, you've just crossed the line to being a completely lazy blogger! I mean, some bloggers who take photos in bed probably actually do their hair and make up first before taking photos. But since I never do anyway, I see no reason why I should put extra effort to try to look like I "woke up like this" (as in perfect with winged eyeliner and blow-dried hair). I'd like to say that you've seen it all with this post but, sadly, no, I've been in worse states than this before. So, first, let me walk you through my morning: I usually start the morning with turning off my alarm clock - don't we all? - unless I beat it to the punch, drink my medicine, then scroll through my social media and play the game I'm currently playing for around 10-20 minutes. And then, still in my pyjamas or night gown, I will go outside to sunbath for at least 30 minutes - since that's mandatory for my disease - just around the neighbourhood. Afterwards, I will have breakfast and a glass of milk. I know, not very exciting. I don't have any skincare morning routine - or day or night, for that matter - but I just try to eat and sleep well and, thankfully, it's been working so far.

Sorry, I just recently found the pyjama so I don't know where it's from

Now, for the rest of the day, I usually sport the same look as the night before unless I'm going out or worked out in the morning - swimming or aerobics - and shower not long afterwards. But if I'm staying at home working or just...godknowswhat, you'll be sure to catch me still wearing the same thing by lunchtime. This pyjama in particular was gifted to me by my Grandma but it then got lost somewhere and I only recently found it again. It's really baggy, which is very helpful for my current state because most of my clothes can't fit me anymore, safe for the t-shirts and elasticated bottoms. When I was little I wore pyjamas all the time. I even used to buy matching sets with my sister. But somewhere along the line I just abandoned them completely because night gowns are much less fussy to put on and, usually, more breathable and breezy. And, believe me, in this climate that is essential. But, I've got to admit, pyjamas have a cutesy quality so I went back to it. Thank God, this one's breathable. Maybe I'll make a matching pyjama set for Firu someday.

P.S: I know I don't have the prettiest of feet, please be kind!

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