Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Batik Conundrum

Man, you guys don't know how pooped I am right now. In case you didn't know, Monday's video took me three days to edit, all night to render and an exhausting morning the next day to upload. I guess my computer's doing all the work, but I'm so excited and anxious it wasn't going to make it in time that I held my breath all the way. That's what's draining my energy. And afterwards, I went out on a double hangout with Edwin and Wilson then my best friends - Uli, Gina and Cindy. It's not everyday we get the whole gang so I didn't want to miss it. Wish Iva and Firu were here too, then it would be twice the fun! This isn't what I wore, mind you. Fortunately, I went with sneakers because Edwin, Wilson and I spent the whole day running around an electronic shopping mall, looking for HDMI cables. Yup, the life of a gamer or tech-head! But I did wear this out to drop off some souvenirs from Surabaya at Firu's parents' house. Sadly, I couldn't stay for long. But I hope they enjoy the regional tasty treats all the same. On a different note, I am really looking forward to spending time with a special person this weekend because last weekend blew and we cancelled. So crossing fingers because I miss this lady so much and I can't wait to have some quality time with her again!

Hand-me-down baby doll batik dress // Zara mary jane shoes + N.y.L.a top (Sis's) // C&A kitty hat // Prada purse (old)

If you read my interview with Ms. Sancaya Rini, you might have read about the batik conundrum in today's fashion industry. I never really noticed it until a few days ago when I saw a traditional pattern, which is usually used in batik, was used in a clothing piece which wasn't made using the batik technique at all. I mean, why not, right? But that's what people perceive as batik these days, the pattern, not the method. And it's just wrong because the beauty is in the method and, by printing the patterns, we're killing this old art of our ancestors. Batik's beauty lies in its ability to bring nature's wonder to textile, using natural resources and artistic pen-handling. But, I can assure you, this one wasn't printed. My friend Ervina bought it in Jogja, not from a batik retailer. Personally, I see it as a more casual wear than formal, which is why I hesitated putting this outfit together. But my sister said the shoes look perfect with the dress. Plus, I just found this absolutely darling old Prada purse from my Mom's purse collection. What do you think?

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