Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Sasya's Tokubetsu Special Day

April was the month of meeting up with friends and hanging out with them. Last Sunday was the last weekend day of the month and what a finale! Saturday was Sasya's birthday - if you don't know who she is, you can see her here - and she invited us and some of her friends to a Japanese curry party at Coco Ichiban-ya and karaoke at our favourite place. It was like all the fangirls united. The curry was super delicious! I ordered the limited edition menu: Cheesy Hamburger. So it's a hamburger filled with cheese and when you cut it, the cheese oozes out and it was so good! The best part of the day is the fact that I could hang out with the full team of best friends again and I couldn't be more excited - well, maybe if Firu suddenly burst through the door. I was super wrapped up in the fun and excitement that I forgot to take some photos to immortalise the moment. There's no group photos of all of us from the night at all! A little bit disappointed in myself about that but it was one hell of a night. Afterwards, Cindy, Gina, Uli and myself hung out at a convenient market for "dinner" and some good ol' laughter - did I mention we all live relatively nearby to one another? It was the best. The next day, Uli came by to my place and hauled tons of books from my collection. Enjoy, Lai!

C&A Kitty hat // vintage shirt + outerwear // May&June skirt // Primark socks (gifted) // MKS ankle boots

I feel like I overdressed for a casual day of lunch and karaoke. This look just makes me feel all academic, maybe how I would look like if I continued on my previous major. I would be such a scholar, talking about Titian and chiaroscuro, traipsing through an art museum maybe like The Met or something. I planned a completely different look from this before but, with all the weight gain I've had as of late, none of the pieces I had in mind fit me anymore. Ugh, I'm super pissed by all the fat I gained! I mean, yes, basically it's all my own fault since I'm not even counting how many calories I'd been eating the past few months. But still. I'd really like to go back to slim now - I mean, I wasn't even like especially skinny but it would still be better than now. On another note, my hair seems to growing out nicely and I keep catching my own reflection in the mirror, surprised by how awesome it looks even though I haven't combed it at all that day. Yeah, yin and yang I guess.

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