Thursday, 4 July 2013

Grand Prix in Memorial Rudolf Caracciola

There are things you are passionate about because you love them and things you are passionate about because your loved ones love them. To me, the latter is race cars. My brother - I don't think I've mentioned him much 'round here - loves race cars and has this dream of becoming a racer himself. At first I thought it was just a passing hobby, turns out it's a passion. He has this tremendous interest in cars and incredible knowledge because of his love for them. He once spent hours telling me all this innovative ideas and news about engines when we went on a brother-sister date. Truthfully, he amazes me in that. That is what drove me - get it? - to attend the Grand Prix in Memorial of Rudolf Caracciola event last weekend. Basically, it is a convoy of around 81 race cars, which used to belong to Rudolf Caracciola, starting from Kassel to Eisenach and Dresden then back again. I first caught glimpse of the cars on Thursday but didn't have Prixma with me. They came back on Saturday and that's when I got into action.

Love how brilliant the man on the right dresses! 
Before the event, you could pay 3€ to take part in the sweepstake to win a place to join the ride along - there were 3 winners! On Saturday, the cars lined up behind the astronomy museum and drove into the 'finish line', where the lovely lady with a bonnet gave the driver and his/her companion a bottle of - I want to say - perfume and a flower. There were various antique cars from various developers - such as Bugatti, Mercedes, Ferrari, etc. - and I loved seeing them. My favourite is the white one with doors on both sides opening upwards. It has this awesome, gingham and retro-looking interior. The little car above, with the white front and blue sides, is a Kassel original - I don't think Caracciola ever drove it, though. That is the front portrayed there, as well as the only door of the car. Also, the awesome Bugatti car - built in 1936. It was very antique yet still runs smoothly through the whole trip. The event even made it on TV, which you can see here (but it's in German). By the way, when the dude interviewed the man in the Bugatti, I was just on the right side of the car - I'm the girl with the camera and the cardigan on the left side of the video LOL. Afterwards, all the cars went to Wilhelmshöhe to have a mini race. I didn't go, though. I was just there to see these beautiful vehicles.

Though I myself don't understand cars myself, pretty much everyone there was race car enthusiasts. It doesn't take a fanatic to know that oldies are goodies, though. Most of the participants are family members, helping with the event. There were also female drivers as well as male ones. The atmosphere was so warm and nice. I really loved it. Wish my brother could've been there himself. He would've loved it, I'm sure. It was a short event but it was worth our while, indeed. The drivers looked like they really enjoyed the opportunity. I'm glad to see that. If any of you happens to be race cars enthusiasts as well out there, you can see more pictures of this event here.

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