Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Three Years Later...

Three years ago today, we took a chance. Three years ago today, my life was changed by one simple word that I uttered: "Let's!" Three years ago today, I took a leap of faith. Three years ago today, Firu and I became a couple. It was strange. Three years. That's big, well, for me anyway. Three years ago, I wouldn't've even known if we would last a year, let alone three. Let me tell you something: couples who last long, they don't know how long they'd be together when they first started too. Does it matter, though? So long as you love each other, it should be enough, right, to be with one another? These last three years have been amazing and, though I don't feel it, looking back I know I've grown a lot, so has Firu. He's become my best friend, my guardian and my child. We've been through so much: being kicked out, somewhat LDR, complications when moving, bad haircuts, eternal winter. I know, this is no marriage. But it's the next best thing. And I love every second of it. Here's to another three incredible years! Hear, hear!


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