Monday, 29 July 2013


There is always something so relaxing and inspiring about sipping a cup of coffee in a coffee shop, especially on a midday when the rest of the world seems to hustle and bustle with their everyday routine. I remember sitting in Starbucks on days when I feel like disconnecting with everyone and drawing stuff. It was as if I was teleported to a different world, a world where there just seems to be coffee, pastries and this relaxing atmosphere. Tomoko Shintani obviously feels the same way. She takes a leisure coffee time to a whole new level. Her ideas seem to just pour or leak out of her coffee cups/mugs. It's so funny that she should pick Starbucks as well. They do have the best atmosphere. The best part is she keeps and rinses most of the cups that she used in the whole Rakugaking 'project.' シンタニさん,このポスト読んだら,私はあなたの落書きがとっても大好きだよ!素敵だと思う!

all photos belong to Tomoko Shintani

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