Monday, 8 July 2013

We Are Angels of a Wing and Can Only Fly by Embracing Each Other

inner white dress from H&M // outer dress from connexion (shortest outfit deets so far!)

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the holy month of Ramadhan. It is completely unplanned that I should wear an angel-like outfit on the blog today - or does this silhouette only dawn on me? Rarely do I take pictures indoor for the sole reason that the light outdoor is easier to play with and my room had a rather unpleasant structure, therefore very hard to catch good light in. That all changed when I moved to a different room, though still the same apartment. A roommate of mine is moving out and I quickly grabbed his room. The soft light that falls into this room awes me every time. Too bad he was seldom home to admire its gentle beauty - which is best portrayed in the last photo alone. It envelopes me like a glow of a new mother or a halo to an angel. But what difference does it make, right? Although only a few feet, the process gave me inspiration to decorate and I am once again in nesting mode. This time I will show you how it looks when I'm done. Happy fasting for those who do and peace be upon you.

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