Friday, 19 July 2013

My Mother's Daughter

Earlier that day I curled my hair. Not with a curling iron, the old-fashioned way with curlers. Though my hair doesn't seem to curl right, it has volumes now. Then I pulled it back and it turned to this. It looks like my mum's hairstyle when she was younger. She always did have volume. I used to think that I too had volume...until I overheard Mum telling someone, I only have so little hair but it rises like dough. But today I looked in the mirror and I see my mother in me. Faint, but sure. She has a smile that can light up the whole world and I miss that. I can make a similar smile but it's not the same. People tell me how different I look from my sister, from my brother. But then they'd see Mum and see that I am, indeed, my mother's daughter. On a side note, this Krombacher's Fassbrause is my current favourite drink, especially the apple one. Saku-chan first introduced it to me. The bottle looks like that of a beer's and the taste is refreshing. It is alcohol-free, mind you. Perfect summer beverage, if anything at all.

Primark dress (as top) // Tally Weijl ombre denim skirt // vintage purse + penny loafers

Are you sick of this combo yet, the purse and the loafers? Well, I'm not. Despite the fact that the bag can barely hold itself together and fit all the things I always need to carry around, it's still my favourite model for a bag. And the shoes? They squeak a little bit because there's a gap between my left foot and the sole of the shoe. But they're both are real leathery goodness, and that's okay because they're both vintage and not made anew. And this skirt? How cute is it! I love the ombré effect and the washed-out denim. It's kind of way too short but too cute to ignore. I actually first spotted it last month but decided against purchasing it. Then I saw it again last week, a few bucks off. Score! Plus, I don't know if it's the skirt or the whole outfit but my roommate told me I looked enchanting, like a fairy. Why, thank you, my good man!

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