Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Art of Doing Nothing

"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy." - Guillaume Apollinaire

My Dad taught me to always, always, always be productive. I mean, I'm already a pretty productive gal. But it was never directed in the right direction. All winter I planned this summer to be very productive - projects and plans in mind. Amidst all the planning and creative process, I totally forget sometimes to stop and just breathe. No, it's not the same as procrastinating or slacking off. It's just taking a little time to stop, breathe, relax and reflect. This is a very hard fact for me. In my book, stopping means slacking. I'm even one of those rare people who hate sleep or lazy Sundays. But if you don't stop every now and then to just enjoy all your hard work, you might find yourself exhausted and on the floor, having fainted. Planning is good, doing is better but pausing is necessary. I took a day to just go to the flower garden. sit in the shade and read a book my sister sent me. It was pure bliss. But I still have some plans to come. Tomorrow Firu and I will be picking up his sister from Frankfurt, taking her to my place, where she'll be staying for a month. Yaay! Can't wait!

Motel peter pan collar shirt dress via WishWishWish // Sis's shorts // Flattery floral hair bow // Tracce flats // hand-me-down bag

Shopping a blogger's closet has been a favourite hobby of mine as of late. And how thrilled was I when I found out Carrie opened her wardrobe up for sale. As opposed to her posh style and out-of-my-budget-range items she's featured in her blog, the items in her shop were very affordable. As soon as she announced it, I snatched up this really cute peter pan-collared shirt dress - without even thinking. Only after it was shipped did I realise that the size is one size larger and only after it arrived did I realise the button was missing. Haha. Despite all that, I really love this shirt dress. The material is totally suitable for summer, the pattern is actually plaid but looks almost gingham and - the best part! - it was actually handmade in Indonesia! What are the odds?! Still, it's too short for me and I still had to wear longer shorts underneath. Carrie was nice enough to link me to her post of this dress, which is one of the first outfit posts she did. Take a look!

Carrie of WishWishWish


  1. Really cute outfits! Thank you for sharing about her! xx

  2. More people need to learn how to do nothing!
    i enjoyed this post; glad i came across your blog


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    1. Isn't it? Thanks for your previous comment too! Sorry I haven't replied :)

  4. cute outfit!!! nice pcitures!!!

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