Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Grass Always Looks So Green Out Here Until I Get to the Other Side

My boy finally turned 20 last Friday! Being a good girlfriend and all, I came out to his place and surprised him (sort of). Uncharacteristically of Firu, he decided to have a little get together with his roommates and friends around Mülheim and Duisburg in his house. He and his roommates were already deep into the cooking process when I arrived - which was Thursday night. I myself contributed to the party by bringing a birthday tart for Firu, though it got kind of botched up on the way. There were a total of 5 main dishes, 3 cakes, a big bowl of crackers (kerupuk) and a batch of jelly for dessert. Firu did most of the cooking. He cooked the rendang, rawon, fried gizzard (ampela goreng), ayam  goreng kuning, jelly and steamed sponge cake (bolu kukus). His roommate, Nelva, baked an almond chocolate cake - which was beautiful and delish! - and his other roommate, Krisna, baked a whole goose - which was delicious and marvelous but took most of our energy due to its very hard structure - and prepared the crackers.

A total of 12 people attended, I guess. So characteristically of him, though, he didn't tell anyone outside of his roommates and German friend that it was his birthday. I let it slip, though, and everyone wished him a happy birthday and somewhat forced him to have the whole 'make a wish and blow the candles ritual' using Nelva's cake. My cake was already cut in half because Firu and I already had the whole candle thing way earlier that day, so it wasn't appropriate for the whole ritual anymore. The first nine people who came enjoyed the meal first then three more people came and ate a little later. Despite there being 11 Indonesians and only one German - sorry, Jan! - it was all really fun...well, for me anyway. After the meal, we played capsa - kind of like Indonesian poker, I guess -, Twister, tepok nyamuk and even Nintendo Wii. It was a riot and a blast. I haven't had this much fun in months!

Oh, but that wasn't where the fun ended. The next day, Indonesian students held this BBQ party at the park. It was the first chance Nelva had to meet more students. I could hardly believe that Firu was the extroverted one in the house, seeing as how private he usually is - 'cept with me, o' course. There were more guys than girls in the party, though. The variety of grilled food sold me pretty quick. Sad to say, it wasn't as fun as it could have been, there were only very few people. But we saw the friends we invited to the party the day before, new people I didn't know before and turned out to be bundles of joy. Firu got to kick some balls around with the other guys. Men, am I right? After all the grilling was done, some of us - so the 11 from the day before - took the party to a cozier location. We continued on with some ice cream, iced drinks and poker. That's when I figured a little bit about gambling and learnt I have pretty neat hands - I mean I only started playing halfway through but totally kicked Firu's (among others') ass(es) and won the whole game! (We didn't really play with money, though, mind you). The younger kids decided to take an evening stroll afterwards, wanted to see the Extra Schicht event but just crashed at McDonald's as soon as we figured out it wasn't for free. We hit it off until midnight. It was really awesome!

Cotton club top // thrifted skirt // found-in-basement bag // Studio Nine moccassins // photos of me by Nelva

As introverted as I am, meeting new people can always be an interesting turn of events. Now I have something other than Firu - and my love for traveling - to anchor me down to Mülheim and around. Firu's house group met another house group who, by chance, is just as introverted as they are. What's more important is, they both enjoy each other's company. Here's to a brand new friendship, I suppose. I'm already making new plans with new friends - fingers crossed that we'd go through with them. In lieu of the moment, these pictures were taken when Nelva and I were kind of bored by the minority of women at the party and Firu was busy playing soccer with the other guys. To be fair, I did kind of force the camera on her and go to play by the rocks. But I love how it all turned out. So glad Firu finally has a female roommate I can get along with. Oh man, looking at these pictures, I just want to hop on a train and head back there in the near future. I reckon, it's always this exhilarating to have friends. Here's to more adventures with new people.

P.S: Can you see Firu playing soccer with the shoes I made him? It became quite the rage later that day because every other girl said their boys wouldn't wear it had they made similar shoes. Is Firu the best boyfriend or what?

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