Tuesday, 23 July 2013

An Indonesian Original

Last summer when I went home, I was struck by this batik fever that I must, must, must get my hands on as many batiks as possible. As far as art goes, Indonesia actually has an incredible culture and beautiful artworks in itself, without having to abandon their national treasures and go with a more western selection. Batik is the most amazing! It is so compatible with pretty much everything. It is one pattern that is handmade and typical of a culture - namely, Indonesian - though it is kind of ironic that this pattern we all hold so dear right now used to be an almost mundane pattern of school uniforms or formal attire. That we hold on to it right after someone tried to snatch it away from us. We took it for granted - and probably still do - despite all our big talks about holding it dear. But I try, I try to love it more and more and appreciate this incredible token of culture we have.

Oh, yeah, by the way, there's this exhibition from last week that I love: there were photos on wooden boards aligned on the side of a huge window, leading to a patch of greeneries in the middle of campus. In the middle of that patch was a huge tree, from where the rest of the photos hung. To take a real good look of the photos, you have to climb the tree. It was a way of relating to your childhood, bringing the inner child in you out. Though I can clearly not climb the tree, it was such a warm and fuzzy notion.

Cotton Club top // Batik Keris wrap-up skirt // thrifted Görtz purse // unbranded sandals

This is the outfit I wore to Rundgang last week. Well, for the most part anyway. I wasn't going to make an outfit post out if it but people kept eyeing the skirt with envy - two lady friends of mine complimented it too! - and I just think it's worth photographing. Though I've worn this skirt on the blog before, this styling seems more fair to the skirt itself. It was clearly made for warmer weather and a day in the sun. The skirt is actually a huge fabric with ribbons on both ends and a small hole somewhere in the middle. So you - well, in this case, I - pull the fabric by the ribbons, let it wrap around your waist and tie the ribbons in place. This gives the skirt layers though it's not hot at all. The material is really lightweight and cool for such a hot summer day. I feel like I should've been on a beach in Bali with this skirt, preferably on a honeymoon. Haha. Next time I come home, I think I'd want to go to a batik-making workshop and learn how to make batik. Even only a little bit. It's about time I learn a little bit about my own culture, right?

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