Sunday, 30 June 2013

Of All the Craziest of God's Plans

Afterwards, I kicked the air in front of my head, the leaves failed to serve as a censor so...
So many times in my life do people stare with those judgmental eyes of theirs upon whatever I have on. It would shake my confidence and I would try to dress differently. When I do, though, those judgmental eyes still won't get off me. That's a lesson one needs to learn at one time or another. No matter how you look, what you do and what you say, you can't make everyone happy. So people would judge you, stare at you, whisper about you behind their hands, sneer at you or even laugh at you. Don't let that keep you from being who you are. I should know, I'm a pretty judgmental person myself. Ask my sister, she was the one who pointed it out to me. Haha. We're people, judging is our sports, how we amuse ourselves when we've got nothing else. Nothing wrong with judging, really, so long as you know when to let your object know of your ever-so-important of opinions and when to just keep it to yourself. Funny, really, how the person who judges most often doesn't want to be judged the most. Suppose, he/she knows exactly what kind of judgment should befall upon him/her.

Mom's denim coat (as top) // Asos pinafore // Exsport slingback // Sox Galeri knee-high socks // vintage penny loafers // H&M trenchcoat via Kleider Kreisel

It's safe to say by this point that 2013 is quite a curious year, indeed. First of all, let us not forget the March snow, followed by the long overdue spring - which might as well be non-existent. And now...well, now there's this strange phenomenon in summer where the temperature just down right drops to below 10ÂșC all week. Great. Never thought I would ever associate summer with trenchcoats. But sometimes you have no choice but to bow down to necessity. But that's fine since, either my feet are magic or these shoes are, whenever the weather is piping hot, my feet can't fit into them and only during sweater weather do they snuggle up real nice inside. These should be the shoes to complete my Japanese school girl look - may wear it again sometime. I know this slingback doesn't appear a lot on the blog but it's practically my partner in crime. I've had it since junior high and it has been a signature item of mine - my friends would recognise it in my photos and say, "Oh! That Italy bag!" I still wear to class a lot since it's real roomy and practical. Long live slingbacks.

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  1. cute dress and socks! looking adorable <3<3

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