Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Book of Deer SS 2012

Book of Deer is a clothing line founded by Eilidh Ho, a highly talented Chinese-Scottish illustrator. I love the whole feel of her designs and how her ethos is "rooted in the character and atmosphere of clothing...(taking) a step away from sharp edges and trends to create fun, feminine pieces with a distinctive element of cute" - which is just what I look for in a clothing item. Their prints and illustrations are hand-drawn. No wonder they're so adorable and close to our hearts. My personal favourite is their spring/summer 2012 collection. It is inspired by 森ガール (Mori Girls) of Tokyo, creating a style so close to nature and simple in its presentation - which I think conveys innocence. Mori Girls normally wear earthy tones and baggy/non-slim fitting outfits. Personally, I've also been quite smitten with Mori Girls myself. Their style looks so much like elves/wood fairies. I love the light fabrics BOD used for their apparels and the earthy-pastel tones. Oh, what a perfect summer dream~

As per usual, her illustrations got me hooked hard. These two are the ones I love the most - and, if anyone wants to gift one to me, that'd be perfect. I love the watercolour-y feel the illustrations have (hand-drawn, indeed!) and the fact that they just radiate innocence. I love the colours and the forms she used - the soft, natural colours and the round forms. The peter pan and rounded collars also add up to the childlike and feminine demeanour. Just perfect for a picnic on a sunny day.

All photo credits to Book of Deer

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