Thursday, 6 June 2013

You Might Just Pass with Flying Colours

Have you ever had the perfect weather? We had it out here just last Monday: the sky's vast and blue, lush greeneries wherever you look. the sun shines but not too bright, the wind blows perfectly - not too strong but breezy enough to enjoy - and the temperature's warm enough to wear just one layer of something. Life has been crazy busy lately, though, and I am fighting to keep my head above water. Despite the busyness, I still make time to take outfit pictures and have fun with some friends. In fact, this weekend, I'm going to Karlsruhe to attend Sportfest Karlsruhe 2013. By attend, I mean watch the game as other people compete against each other, see some friends, eat good food and goof around later on. It's going to be awesome! ...or so I hope, at least. Since the summer weather has been coming slowly lately, I'm just so psyched for summer vacation! Too bad Firu and I can't celebrate his birthday and our anniversary together this year. But hopefully we can meet up this summer and have absolute summery fun.

H&M bunny top // vintage skirt // Guess watch // Swarovski necklace // Primark brogues // Marks & Spencer double-breasted coat

If you'd been following this blog long enough, you'd know that I love patterns. I can never put together an outfit without at least a sliver of patterns on it, not unlike Elizabeth and her crazy but working pattern sets. That's why I avoid solid-coloured/basic pieces. I know, some of you might argue and tell me the importance of basic clothing pieces. It's not that I don't have anything pattern-less items in my whole wardrobe but I always prefer mixing patterned stuff and adding them into the concoction. That's why I am very much in love with printed tees or patterned dresses. Anyway, recently, I just realised that I'd never worn this top with a skirt before. I don't know why, the peter pan collar seems like an obvious feminine touch. But the mildly baggy yet slightly cropped structure makes it look cuter with pants/shorts or anything that lets it float above my waist. Plus, this top is all wrinkled if I don't iron it and I just got an iron so I've just started wearing it again. Haha.

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