Monday, 10 June 2013

Come Together

From left to right: Firu (of course), Ratri, Edwin and Frederick

B's wearing: tailor-made batik dress // Typo satchel // Tracce ballerina flats

Have you guys seen Big Fish? If you haven't, you really should do that right now. Out of all the scenes in said movie, my favourite would have to be the father's funeral. Maybe I was pretty much influenced by that film or maybe it has been in image stuck in my head for as long as I've lived but I imagine my funeral to be pretty much the same: not a remorseful, sorrowful event with people wearing black and crying under a handkerchief or a piece of tissue. Instead, it's filled pretty much with joy. Everyone I've ever known and loved all came together. Those whose time hadn't come yet would hug me, probably with a drop of tear or two as they lead me, hand in hand, to those who'd passed before me. Now those people, they would hug me with tears of joy, welcoming me to their world and happy to be reunited again. And I would wave goodbye to those I've left behind, not without some tears on my cheek as well. Anyway, though I am still pretty much alive - thank God - the weekend felt more or less like that. You see, I attended Karlsruher Sportfest 2013 on Saturday and Sunday, where pretty much every one of my friends came. I stayed over at my friend Farida's place - too bad I didn't have a chance to take pics with her - along with Vina. Of course, I also saw Iva - who played basketball -, Edwin and Wilson. Frederick, their and Firu's classmate in college - we all used to hang out a lot too -, also came. There was Indonesian food for sale - the menus were different on Saturday and on Sunday.

This one was taken by Vina

V's wearing: Mango top // Zara sweater // H&M chinos // Tod's moccassins

Since Vina is just as passionate about photography and fashion as I am - probably more on photography and definitely more on fashion -, we disappeared for a bit and took outfit photos and made  a little playful video. Obviously, the pictures she took look way better than mine. The whole event wasn't as awesome as I pictured it. The first day was still pretty okay, I got to see a lot of people and noticed a lot of changes on people I hadn't seen forever (like how much prettier and thinner Grace looks now), the weather was nice and there were more people. Most people didn't even go to the second day. Oh, well. I was still pretty much in love with Karlsruhe, though, so going around town was still something I enjoyed beyond belief. But it's always so hard to go back to a place you once called home and know you can never quite go home anymore. But it helps you get by when you have a lifeline named "best friends" even when you're far, far away from your actual family.


  1. The turquoise bag is so beautiful! Lovely photos! xx

  2. Hello Dear! Since you came up on my blog as a no-reply blogger I wanted to make sure you knew about the acrylic paints. I was telling Lacey, I have several shirts that I've painted with acrylics. All of them have been washed numerous times and they look amazing! If you are really nervous, you could use fabric paint. But personally I would just do the acrylic. It can be cheaper and you can use it again for lots of other things. Hope that helps! Alex

    1. Oh my God, you are so sweet, coming all the way here to tell me that. Thanks for the info, I'll try it with the acrylic!

  3. Hey hey, I'm literally in love with your blog, first time visiting and I'm already "addicted" eheh, everything is amazing! Keep going with the excellent work!!

    With love, Bárbara


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